Tesla Model 3 equipped with Track Mode takes on the Nürburgring with pro at the wheel

A Tesla Model 3 Performance recently took on the iconic Nürburgring track while in the hands of Misha Charoudin, a veteran of the world-famous destination who currently lives, works, and races on site. After seeing the struggles Model S owners have had on the run over the years, Charoudin came away impressed with the improvements made to the all-electric brand’s latest sedan. His recent Model 3 run, which utilized Tesla’s Track Mode, was also the first time he’s driven an electric vehicle at Nürburgring.

In the full-POV run shared on Charoudin’s self-titled YouTube channel, the owner of the white Model 3 Performance rode as a passenger, discussing the pros and cons of the vehicle while observations were made about its performance. As is frequently noted by other first-time Tesla drivers, the acceleration was a welcome surprise. “The acceleration is definitely there,” Charoudrin noted in the video.

The Tesla Model 3’s overall suitability for track runs was proven well as it overtook several other cars and was able to keep up with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. However, the brakes were named as the feature most in need of an upgrade to succeed in passing the German racing marvel. Charoudrin elaborated on this point in an Instagram post.

Tesla Model 3 Performance keeping up with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. | Image: Misha Charoudin/YouTube

“The drivetrain performance and handling are absolutely great. The brakes are one of the worst and died after less than half a lap,” he wrote. “This can be forgiven, since the regen braking is extremely strong, hence you don’t need the normal brakes on the street.” The Model 3’s owner discussed track packs available for purchase which include upgraded brakes, tires, and suspension parts.

“The suspension is ok for what it is, not great for the track,” Charoudrin further critiqued. Despite his preference for the upgrades not uncommon when outfitting a vehicle for regular high-speed runs, the Nürburgring pro ended the lap with high hopes for Tesla’s future race-oriented offerings. “The drivetrain performance and handling are absolutely great,” he wrote. “I already said before that I would not mind having an EV track car and this experience brings this thought one step closer to reality… I’m looking forward to seeing where further electrification will take us.”

While Charoudrin’s encounters with prior Model S vehicles on the track weren’t exactly positive, Tesla has made exceptional efforts to ensure the next Performance variant will handle the famous track with ease. Prototypes of the Plaid Model S were spotted on the Nürburgring last year, and the two test units ended up breaking the unofficial lap record set by a Porsche Taycan Turbo prototype, a car which was also designed with the same track in mind.

Details about the Plaid Model S remain unknown, although recent speculations point to a possible unveiling at Tesla’s upcoming Battery Day.

You can watch Misha Charoudin’s full Nürburgring lap below.

Tesla Model 3 equipped with Track Mode takes on the Nürburgring with pro at the wheel
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