Tesla Model 3 with Unplugged Performance parts breaks twin track records in CA speedway

Credit: Unplugged Performance

A Tesla Model 3 upgraded by Unplugged Performance and XPO Sales broke two separate one-lap track records at the Buttonwillow Speedway in California. The records broken by the modified Model 3 were categorized by the type of tires used, one with race-grade rubber and the other with street-legal Department of Transportation (DOT) approved tires.

The Model 3 with race-optimized tires ran a 1:54.6-second lap around the 3.1-mile long course located in Buttonwillow, California. When the Model 3 was fitted with DOT legal street tires, it ran another record-breaking lap of 1:57.9 seconds. This was a .6-second improvement from the previous record of 1:58.5 seconds on a daily driven street tire Tesla Model 3.

The new records were a combination of great driving from XPO Sales team driver Joshua Allen and a variety of continued upgrades from the team at Unplugged Performance.

“In late 2019 we partnered with XPO sales to campaign a race car utilizing our production range of bolt-on upgrades. Our goal is to show the world the full potential of the Tesla Model 3 platform and to prove that electric cars are incredible track cars when paired with the right upgrades,” Unplugged President Ben Schaffer said.

The upgrades made to the car were applied to the vehicle’s aerodynamic package by adding a lip spoiler. Suspension improvements through sway bars, control arms, and adjustable Coilover kits were also fitted on the vehicle.

These all contributed to the Model 3’s on-track performance and the improved lap times show the changes were instrumental in shaving off additional time from previous runs. “Team XPO has done an amazing job campaigning the car and pairing it with an excellent driver in Joshua Allen. I’m looking forward to continued upgrades and faster laps as we progress,” Schaffer added.

Teslas have started performing well in closed circuit with the advent of the Model 3 and the Plaid Model S. The Model S was reported to have performed well at the tough Nürburgring track in Germany, and the more affordable Model 3 sedan is now becoming the next focus of Tesla’s performance package.

Tesla unveiled Track Mode V2 for the Model 3 Performance on March 2, along with a $5,500 Track Package for the vehicle that includes upgraded wheels, and brake and tire modifications. The addition of the free Over-the-Air Track Mode V2 update and the Track Package is poised to give drivers who are fond of high-speed driving with an impressive amount of control and other performance options.

Tesla Model 3 with Unplugged Performance parts breaks twin track records in CA speedway
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