Tesla Model S and X with apparent new cameras, round steering wheels observed in CA

Image Credit: The Kilowatts/Twitter

Sightings of new Tesla Model S and Model X units from the Fremont Factory suggest that the company is now producing vehicles with a revamped camera setup. This has led to more speculation that Tesla may already be rolling out its highly-anticipated Hardware 4 computer to select vehicles like the Model S and Model X. 

While Tesla has been very secretive about its Hardware 4 computer, leaks from the electric vehicle community and documents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have provided some notable hints about the new computer’s characteristics. Among the most notable is Hardware 4’s 11 camera slots, which triggered speculations that Tesla may be adding more cameras to its next generation of vehicles. 

In a series of recent posts, electric vehicle group The Kilowatts shared photos of new Model S and Model X units at the Fremont Factory. The vehicles are no longer equipped with ultrasonic sensors, and their rear badging also reflects the changes made in the vehicles’ order pages last month. As could be seen in photos shared online, the new Model S and Model X’s rear “T” emblem had already been replaced with the word “TESLA” spelled out.

While the lack of ultrasonic sensors and rear Tesla “T” badge was noticeable from the new Model S and Model X units that were sighted in the Fremont Factory delivery lot, the electric vehicle advocate group also took notice of the cameras that were placed in the flagship EVs. Tesla is yet to share the specs of its new cameras, but from their appearance alone, it appears that the Model S and Model X’s side repeater cameras now have a wider viewing angle. They also point more toward the side instead of the rear. 

The larger camera sensors could be seen in the side pillar cameras as well, which also have a larger housing. The same is true for the rear camera, which has a larger, updated housing as well. The three front Autopilot cameras seem to have seen some changes as well. Interestingly enough, the vehicles spotted by the EV advocate group also featured round steering wheels, which were rolled out in early January. 

Upon checking with the EV watchers, noted Tesla hacker @greentheonly surmised that the new vehicles may already be equipped with the company’s new Hardware 4 computer. If these speculations are correct, Tesla’s initial rollout of the Cybertruck becomes much more feasible. The Cybertruck, after all, has been confirmed to be built with Hardware 4, so any delays in the computer’s rollout may also result in delays with the all-electric pickup truck’s first deliveries. 

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Tesla Model S and X with apparent new cameras, round steering wheels observed in CA
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