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What Does the Tesla Model S Battery Warranty Cover?

Tesla Model S Battery Warranty

Battery longevity is a subject that Model S owners and would-be buyers have an insatiable appetite for. After all the mega-sized lithium-ion battery is said to make up approximately 40% of the cost of the vehicle and serves as the main power plant for the Tesla fleet of vehicles.

Any damage to the battery pack that results in a catastrophic failure could deem any Model S and Model X inoperable, but is thankfully covered under Tesla’s warranty plan – or is it?

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Below is a copy of the Tesla Model S Battery Warranty from the owner’s Quick Guide manual.

Battery Limited Warranty

The Model S lithium-ion battery (the “Battery”) is an extremely sophisticated powertrain component designed to withstand extreme driving conditions. You can rest easy knowing that Tesla’s state-of-the-art Battery is backed by this Battery Limited Warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of any malfunctioning or defective Battery, subject to the limitations described below.


If your Battery requires warranty service, Tesla will repair the unit, or replace it with a factory reconditioned unit that has an energy capacity at least equal to that of the original Battery before the failure occurred. To provide you with even more assurance, this Battery Limited Warranty will also cover damage to your vehicle from a Battery fire even if it is the result of driver error. (Coverage will not extend to damage that had already been sustained before a Battery fire occurred, or to any damage if the Battery fire occurred after your vehicle had already been totaled.) Your vehicle’s Battery is covered under this Battery Limited Warranty for a period of 8 years or for the number of miles/km specified below for your Battery configuration, whichever comes first:


  • 60 kWh – 125,000 miles (200,000 km)
  • 85 kWh – unlimited miles/km

Despite the breadth of this warranty, damage resulting from intentional actions (including intentionally abusing or destroying your vehicle, or ignoring active vehicle warnings), a collision or accident (excluding from Battery fires as specified above), or the servicing or opening of the Battery by non-Tesla personnel, is not covered under this Battery Limited Warranty.


In addition, damage resulting from the following activities is not covered under this Battery Limited Warranty:


  • Exposing the vehicle to ambient temperatures above 140°F (60°C) or below -22°F (-30°C) for more than 24 hours at a time;
  • Physically damaging the Battery, or intentionally attempting, either by physical means, programming, or other methods, to extend (other than as specified in your owner documentation) or reduce the life of the Battery;
  • Exposing the Battery to direct flame (excluding from Battery fires as specified above); or,
  • Flooding of the Battery.
  • The Battery, like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual energy or power loss with time and use. Loss of Battery energy or power over time or due to or resulting from Battery usage, is NOT covered under this Battery Limited Warranty. See your owner documentation for important information on how to maximize the life and capacity of the Battery.

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