Tesla Model S receives price adjustment as Q4’s record push begins

(Credit: Tesla)

With an extremely ambitious goal of delivering over 180,000 vehicles this quarter, Tesla is wasting no time in making its electric cars as attractive as possible for customers. This is evident in the electric car maker’s recent update, which introduced price adjustments for the Model S Long Range Plus and Performance, cutting the price of the vehicles by around $3,000. 

With the current pricing, the Long Range Plus variant of the Model S could now be purchased for $71,990 before potential savings, while the Performance variant could be bought for $91,990 before savings. Previously, the vehicles were priced at $74,990 and $94,990 before savings, respectively. It should be noted that the price of the Model S Plaid, a top-of-the-line variant coming out late next year, remains unchanged at $139,990. 

As noted in a Drive Tesla Canada report, the price adjustments for the Model S in Canada were a bit more varied, with the Performance variant receiving a reduction of CA$6,000 (about $4,500) and the Long Range Plus version receiving a price cut of CA$4,000 (about $3,000). 

With its recent price adjustment, the Model S Long Range Plus has become one of the most compelling premium electric vehicles in the market today. At $71,990 before savings, the Model S Long Range Plus costs less than the initial price of the Model 3 Performance, which debuted in 2018 with a price of $78,000 without Autopilot. During that time, Tesla was still selling the Model S 75D with 259 miles of range at a base price of $74,500. 

A look at the price of the discontinued Model S 75D in 2018 shows how much Tesla has achieved with regards to its continued improvements in its vehicles. It’s pretty fascinating to see, after all, that just over two years ago, Tesla was selling its entry-level 75 kWh, 259-mile Model S at a price that’s more expensive than today’s 100 kWh, 402-mile base Model S. And even then, the Model S 75D was considered a deal, considering the vehicle’s size, tech, and utility. 

Tesla’s recent price reduction on the Model S Long Range Plus and Performance could very well result in the vehicle getting more orders this quarter. This is extremely important for Tesla, considering that the company is aiming to deliver over 180,000 vehicles in Q4 2020. If the company is successful, Tesla could achieve its self-imposed target of delivering half a million vehicles this year. 

In a way, a price reduction for the flagship sedan seems like a sound strategy, considering that the Model S and Model X are produced in the same lines at the Fremont Factory. Between the two vehicles, the Model S would be easier to produce in large numbers this quarter, as it’s a large premium sedan instead of a vehicle that Elon Musk describes as the “Faberge egg of cars” due to its complexity. 

Tesla Model S receives price adjustment as Q4’s record push begins
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