Tesla reveals Model 3 dual-motor AWD, Performance price and specs

Tesla has released the pricing and specifications for the Model 3 in a dual-motor AWD and Performance configuration. Upgrading to a dual motor drivetrain costs an additional $5,000. The Performance variant, capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and complete with all options except Autopilot, will be priced at $78,000.

Buyers choosing the Performance package for Model 3 will have the option to add a Black and White interior that includes the highly-anticipated white seat trim. According to Musk, the Black and White interior is being limited to Model 3 Performance for the time being, due to limited parts availability, but will broaden over time. It will be closer to the end of the year before non-performance Model 3 will be offered with the white seat option.

Also, the dual motor Tesla Model 3 Performance will be equipped with a carbon fiber spoiler and 20″ Performance wheels, a third wheel option that adds to the standard 18″ Aero Wheels and the 19″ Sport wheels.

Tesla Model 3 belonging to Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen

Considering the capabilities and features of the Model 3 dual motor performance version, the line between Tesla’s mass market compact sedan and its flagship Model S continues to blur. With a $3,500 price difference between the Model S 75D that starts at a base price of $74,500, and the dual motor Model 3 Performance version that’s priced at $78,000, Tesla’s two electric sedan offerings are very comparable. In range alone, the dual motor Model 3 boasts 310 miles of driving range per single charge – same goes for the Model 3 performance version – while the Model S 75D has a rated range of 259 miles per charge.

The Model S 75D is rated with a top speed of 140 mph and 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, while the dual motor Model 3 tops out at the same 140 mph, but with a slightly slower 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds, or .6 seconds quicker than the Long Range Model 3 in single motor configuration at 5.1 seconds.

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A key advantage that the Model S 75D has over the two new Model 3 variants, aside from being an all-around larger car with greater passenger and cargo capacity, lies in its features such as the power liftgate and Air Suspension. The electronically adjustable Smart Air Suspension feature for Model 3 is expected to be available in 2019, as noted by Elon Musk. The lack of free Supercharging is also a considerable disadvantage for the Model 3 over its more premium sibling.

As noted by Musk in a tweet, the dual-motor AWD and Performance Model 3 would likely start production in July and begin when the Model 3 line achieves a steady rate of 5,000 vehicles per week. Otherwise, Musk stated that the additional options would end up adding complexity to the electric car’s production line.

Model 3 Dual Motor AWD Specifications

  • 310 mile Range
  • 4.5 sec 0-60 mph
  • 140 mph Top Speed
  • $54,000 (price without Autopilot)
  • First deliveries in July 2018

Model 3 Performance Specifications

  • 310 mile Range
  • 3.5 sec 0-60 mph
  • 155 mph Top Speed
  • $78,000 (price without Autopilot)


Tesla reveals Model 3 dual-motor AWD, Performance price and specs
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