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Tesla teases Model S Plaid Track Package set for imminent release

Credit: Tesla, Twitter

Update: 5/4 1:24 pm est: Tesla has released the specifications of the upcoming Track Package: Para. 3

Tesla has teased an all-new track package coming to the Model S Plaid, making the vehicle more track-ready than ever before.

Since its release, the Tesla Model S Plaid has attracted numerous owners to the track, whether it be a traditional race track location or a simple drag strip. Now, doubling down on that enthusiast offering, Tesla has announced that it will be introducing a “Track Package” that could make the vehicle perform better than ever before.

Tesla announced the upcoming Track package on Twitter, showing off an incredible video of a Model S Plaid taking on the track.

Watching the video, the most apparent new modification is coming to the gauge cluster, which looks to be redesigned with crucial performance metrics displayed for the driver. Though, strangely, the system does look different from the “Track Mode” software offering that is already available on some performance models from Tesla.

Credit: Tesla, Twitter

Since posting the initial teaser, the “Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package” has been added to the Tesla store, listed as becoming available in June of this year. The extensive set of upgrades comes at a variable price, between $15-20,000 in the United States, depending on options.

The first major upgrade coming with the package is a complete set of track-ready tires from Goodyear, specifically, Goodyear’s “Supercar 3R tires… optimized for performance and track usage.” These tires come fitted to an all-new set of wheels which Tesla has named the “Zero Gs.” The tire/wheel package can also be purchased on its own for $6,000.

Other upgrades in the track package include a massive upgrade to the vehicle’s braking system. Previously sold separately as the “Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit,” the upgraded calipers and rotors are designed to take on the incredible heat and stopping power required in a track environment. Specifically, this includes two six-piston front calipers, two four-piston rear calipers, a complete set of performance brake pads, two 40mm front carbon ceramic rotors, two 38mm rear rotors, and track-ready brake fluid.

As with the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit, the Track Package unlocks the Model S Plaid’s 200mph top speed.

Tesla notes that this package can be fitted to new models delivered after June of this year or retrofitted to Model S Plaid vehicles, model year 2021 and up.

Considering some of the biggest concerns track users have had with the Plaid are regarding its handling, Tesla has clearly curtailed its new track offering to address those issues. And while perhaps not as aggressive as some would have wanted, either bringing suspension upgrades or interior finishes to the vehicle, it will undoubtedly allow the Model S Plaid to remain the benchmark for EV track performance around the world.

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Tesla teases Model S Plaid Track Package set for imminent release
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