Tesla Model X sweeps AAA’s Top Green Vehicle Awards for 2018

The Tesla Model X 75D swept AAA’s 2018 Top Green Vehicle Awards, taking the top spot in three of the rankings’ categories. The Tesla Model S 75D, the base variant of the company’s full-sized luxury sedan, also earned a place in AAA’s best green vehicles for the year.

For its 2018 rankings, AAA evaluated electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and high-fuel-efficiency vehicles that are currently sold in the United States. These vehicles were graded according to a number of criteria, including ride quality, safety features, and the performance of the cars based on test track evaluations.

As could be seen in AAA’s Top Green Vehicle Awards for 2018, the Tesla Model X 75D came out the clear winner. The all-electric SUV won the awards for Best Overall Green Car, Best Green Car Over $50,000, and Best Green SUV/Minivan. The Tesla Model S 75D earned AAA’s award for Best Large Car.

AAA’s Top Green Car Awards for 2018. [Credit: AAA Newsroom]

According to a recent AAA survey, 20% of American car buyers stated that they are likely to choose an electric car when they purchase their next vehicle. The current figures are up 5% from 2017, when only 15% of respondents to AAA’s survey stated that their next vehicle would likely be an electric car.

Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering, stated that the United States is now at a point where electric cars are becoming mainstream.

“Today, electric vehicles have mainstream appeal. While concern for the environment is still a major motivator, AAA found U.S. drivers are also attracted to the lower long-term costs and advanced technology features that many of these vehicles offer,” Brannon said.

As noted in a Forbes report, Brannon also noted that the rising price of gasoline contributes to the market’s acceptance of electric vehicles. According to the AAA director, as gas prices go up, so will the demand for electric cars.

“We’re seeing some of the highest prices since 2014 right now. Consumers are very price-sensitive to fuel cost so as goes fuel costs so does demand for electric vehicles,” he said.

AAA’s recent survey further noted that car buyers are now less concerned about factors such as range anxiety. According to the survey’s results, only 63% of respondents who stated that they would not choose an electric car as their next vehicle cited the lack of charging points. These figures are 9% down from 2017’s survey results. Only 58% also mentioned concerns about the battery pack running out while driving as well, compared to 73% from 2017.

Electric cars like the Tesla Model X are steadily becoming more prolific. Just recently, we reported on the Netherlands’ Amsterdam Schiphol airport replacing its Model S taxis with a fleet of Model X, citing the superior seating capacity of the electric SUV. Emirates Driving Institute, a driving school in Dubai, also announced that it would be adding a Model X to its lineup of vehicles, due to the increasing demand for electric cars in the region.

Tesla Model X sweeps AAA’s Top Green Vehicle Awards for 2018
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