Tesla uses ‘old faithful’ Model X Easter Egg to recruit new talent at China job fair

Credit: Jay In Shanghai | Twitter

Ever since Tesla gained notoriety for its high-performance electric cars, one song, flashing headlights, and a pair of Model X falcon-wing doors have been popular among YouTube surfers. Among Tesla enthusiasts, the worn-out Trans-Siberian Orchestra dance from the Model X is always a way to gain attention among the less-knowledgeable fans of the electric car company. But Tesla knows its appeal, and it used it at a job fair at the Wuhan University Institute of Technology to gain some attention.

Among other things, the dancing Model X was surrounded by college students at the popular Chinese university that has over 52,000 enrolled learners. While it is something that Tesla enthusiasts are more than familiar with, it sets the automaker apart from many other companies, as it is a testament to the electric carmaker’s creativity and light-hearted nature.

Video from Tesla owner-enthusiast @JayInShanghai shows some highlights from the Wuhan U job fair, which was more than just a display for the fancy Model X Easter Egg. It was a way for Tesla to recruit more talent in a market where the company has experienced wide-spread growth, thanks to consumer enthusiasm for its fun and effective electric cars.

But while consumers are feasting their eyes on some of the most exciting advancements that the auto industry has had to offer over the past 50 years, Tesla’s intentions at the job fair were to pick up some new and exciting young talent that could help further revolutionize the company’s mark in what is an ever-changing sector.

We have reported several times that Tesla’s main focus is making manufacturing more efficient. While Tesla has been open about this fact over the past few quarters, it is no secret that overwhelming demand increases are affecting the company’s growth in a positive manner. However, there are still a lot of pieces of the puzzle that have yet to be solved. Scouting out some bright young minds could certainly change the tide in the coming years, and lead to more effective production techniques.

“Too many smart people go into finance and law,” Musk said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that he was on in May 2020. “In the United States especially, there’s an over-allocation of talent in finance and law.

More people should go into manufacturing in Musk’s opinion, and his company is certainly looking for the next person who will help revolutionize the way production lines work at the company’s facilities. Nevertheless, drawing in some college students with a “dancing” car and some edgy Christmas music might be the right move.

Tesla uses ‘old faithful’ Model X Easter Egg to recruit new talent at China job fair
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