Tesla plans to roll out incredibly frequent FSD Beta updates

Credit: James Locke

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta will be the subject of incredibly frequent software updates, which the automaker plans to roll out every 5 to 10 days.

Tesla rolled out the self-driving Beta to a select few owners of the company’s all-electric vehicles on October 27th. It has revealed that the electric automaker’s semi-autonomous software has improved significantly since past versions were released. However, Tesla will continue to improve upon the functionality with frequently released software updates.

CEO Elon Musk anticipates that Tesla will improve the FSD Beta with updates that will be downloaded to vehicles “every 5 to 10 days.” A question from FSD Beta user @TeslaOwnersSV revealed Musk’s answer, which shows a desire to improve the software consistently.

Musk admits that the most recent update to the FSD Beta is “resulting in perhaps ~1/3 fewer interventions.” The improvements consisted of fixing “silly bugs” and should allow the FSD software to operate with more confidence than before.

Initial rollouts of many of Tesla’s FSD capabilities are released to the public with timid and slow operation. One example of this is when the automaker released Traffic Light and Stop Sign recognition earlier this year. The first uses of the capability were accurate, but the software allowed for slower maneuverability until the Neural Net was compiled with enough information for more confident operation.

Tesla’s FSD Beta is navigating through roundabouts with great confidence

Constant improvements to the company’s software are expected, especially as the Beta’s first versions were just released a week and a half ago. The sudden surge in information transferred from vehicles to the Neural Net ensures a more confident navigation experience for drivers. It will also allow Tesla to gather more information about what needs to be done to improve the Beta experience.

The most recent update that affected FSD Beta users was 2020.40.8.12, reports.

Eventually, the updates will become frequent enough that the Beta will become confident enough to release to more drivers. Tesla plans to roll out FSD to more owners by the end of the year. Since the capabilities have become more complex, the automaker increased the price of the FSD Suite by $2,000 earlier this week. To receive the features that come with the FSD capability, it will now cost potential Tesla owners $10,000.

Tesla plans to roll out incredibly frequent FSD Beta updates
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