Some Tesla customers are now expecting a 2-year wait for their new Model X

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It appears that Tesla customers who ordered a refreshed Model X are in for a longer-than-expected wait. 

As shared by several Tesla reservation holders online, the company has updated their estimated Model X delivery dates once more. This time around, some Tesla Model X reservation holders are reporting that their delivery estimates have been updated to December 2022-April 2023

The updated vehicle delivery estimate appears to be yet another delay in the production ramp of the flagship all-electric crossover SUV. Prior to its recent update, some reservation holders of the refreshed Model X had an estimated delivery date of July 2022. 

The delays in the new Model X’s deliveries have been quite substantial. As noted by longtime Tesla owner Kim Java, her Model X was initially ordered in early 2021. Since then, the estimated delivery window for her all-electric SUV had been updated a whopping eight times. 

An estimated delivery date of April 2023 for the refreshed Tesla Model X is noteworthy, as it would suggest that some customers who ordered the vehicle in early 2021 would be waiting two whole years before taking delivery of their flagship crossover SUV. 

A look at the company’s online configurator for the refreshed Model X shows that the wait time remains substantial for the vehicle. As of writing, new orders of Model X Dual Motor AWD variants are provided an estimated delivery date of January-April 2023. Model X Plaid orders placed today, on the other hand, are still listed with an estimated delivery date of August-October 2022.

Tesla seems yet to hit its pace with the production of the new Model S and Model X, and this is reflected in the vehicles’ extended delivery estimates. As per Tesla’s online configurator, even a Model S Dual Motor AWD, if ordered today, would have an estimated delivery date of around November 2022-February 2023.

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Some Tesla customers are now expecting a 2-year wait for their new Model X
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