Tesla Model X gets a tug-of-war rematch against Hummer H2

Tesla Youtuber Bjørn Nyland recently got a chance to engage in a tug-of-war rematch with the same Hummer H2 that beat his Tesla Model X P90D back in December. This time around, the Model X was equipped with new tires and an adjusted tow hitch so that the height between the two vehicles was more balanced. So how did the electric SUV fare? As it turns out, far, far better.

The last time Bjorn pitted his Model X against the Hummer H2 in a tug-of-war battle, the Model X ended up losing two out of three rounds. On paper, the two vehicles were well-matched, with the electric SUV holding the advantage in torque and the GM-built American classic having an edge in weight.

During the first tug-of-war battle, many of Bjørn’s followers noted that the Hummer appeared to have held its brakes before attempting to pull the Model X P90D, giving it a slight advantage. Coupled with a higher tow hitch that applied an upward force on the back of the electric SUV, it was not very surprising to see the Model X P90D bow down to the Hummer H2.

As could be seen in Bjorn’s Model X P90D vs Hummer H2 rematch video, however, things changed a lot when these advantages were removed from the GM-built SUV. For one, the tow hitch between the two vehicles was balanced this time around, and from the video, it seemed like both vehicles tried pulling at each other at the exact same time. The result of the rematch was a tie, with all four rounds ending with neither SUV significantly pulling the other. The Model X had a near-win in the fourth round, however, when the electric SUV’s tires found some traction.

Apart from the balanced tow hitch, one other factor that contributed to the Model X’s improved performance against the Hummer H2 was its new tires. As noted by the Tesla YouTuber, the electric SUV’s Nereus NS806 studless tires proved to be grippy on the frozen grass, mud, and snow on the road. With this extra grip, it was far more difficult for the GM-built SUV to pull the Model X P90D.

As we noted in a previous report, Bjørn’s Model X P90D recently accomplished another remarkable feat, pulling a 95,000-pound semi-trailer across an icy road without any difficulty. In that exhibition of the Model X’s strength, the Norway-based Tesla Youtuber noted that the semi-trailer was placed in Neutral gear as the electric SUV performed what seemed like the vehicular equivalent of a David and Goliath feat.

While the feats of strength displayed by Bjørn’s Model X P90D are remarkable, much of the reason behind the electric SUV’s astounding performance really comes down to traction and some good, old physics. The Model X, after all, features an all-electric drivetrain that is capable of producing maximum torque at 0 RPMs, allowing it to pull the 95,000 semi-trailer and resist the force of the Hummer H2. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny the sheer enjoyment of seeing an electric SUV battling it out with a monster ICE.

Watch the Model X vs. Hummer H2 rematch below.

Tesla Model X gets a tug-of-war rematch against Hummer H2
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