Watch this Tesla Model X take on a Hummer H2 in a tug of war battle

Not long after publishing a video that showed an off-roading excursion in a Model X gone awry, Norwegian Tesla owner and YouTuber, Bjørn Nyland, is back with another test of might for the all-electric SUV. This time pitting Tesla’s Model X against a Hummer H2 in a classic tug of war battle.

On the surface level, specifications for the technology-laden Tesla stacks up relatively well against the more than decade-old Hummer. Both vehicles have all-wheel drive and equipped with studded winter tires, and both weigh over two tons, although the Hummer at 7,050 lbs (3,200 kg) is 23% heavier than Model X’s 5,730 lbs (2,600 kg) weight.

Nyland conducts a series of tug of war tests on wet tarmac and wet steel. Despite the Model X having nearly twice as much horsepower than the Hummer, and arguably a more sophisticated traction control system that regulates power to a pair of independently operated electric motors, the Tesla is no match for the GM-built American classic.

However, a test of this nature has more to do with traction than just the sheer power of the vehicle. The heavier Hummer appears to have a solid grip on the slick testing ground, thus seen dragging the Model X across the surface in most of the tests. But one can see the tide turn when the Hummer with larger and knobbier tires loses its grip on the wet steel surface.

Watch this Tesla Model X take on a Hummer H2 in a tug of war battle
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