Watch this Tesla Model X tow a 95,000 lb semi truck across an icy road

Tesla YouTuber and Model X owner Bjørn Nyland recently uploaded a video featuring his electric SUV pulling a 95,000-pound semi-trailer through an icy road. 

Bjørn’s Tesla, a dual motor Model X P90D with supercar-destroying acceleration that the YouTuber fondly calls Optimus Prime, was equipped with Nereus NS806 studless tires, allowing the car to grip slippery, icy roads. As noted by the Tesla enthusiast in his latest video, the semi-trailer in the video weighed 95,000 pounds and was placed in Neutral gear at the time he performed the seemingly David and Goliath feat.

As could be seen in Bjørn’s latest upload, his 5,700 lb Model X P90D with Ludicrous mode successfully towed the massive semi-trailer using its unparalleled, all-wheel drive traction control system across the snowy landscape.

While Bjørn’s latest video with his trusty Optimus Prime is incredibly impressive to watch, several factors aided in the Tesla enthusiast’s feat, including physics. The Model X’s all-electric drivetrain produces full torque at 0 RPMs, allowing it to slowly but surely budge the semi truck from a resting position. Combined with tires that are specifically designed to provide traction in snowy conditions, the Model X was able to continue towing the truck once it gained enough rolling momentum.

As noted by the Tesla YouTuber in his video, however, his Model X’s feat is not the first time the electric SUV managed to pull a semi-trailer on a snowy road. Last month, Kyle Conner, a Tesla enthusiast, managed to capture a Model X pulling a semi-trailer up a snowy slope in Raleigh, NC. In that particular feat, the Model X did not appear to be equipped with winter tires, and the truck was moving forward, as note in Bjørn’s video description.

“In that other video, it was done with the help of the semi, and the Model X had poor all-season tires not fit for snow and ice. I wanted to see if it was possible to pull a semi-trailer despite having slippery surface like ice and snow,” the Tesla YouTuber wrote. 

Bjørn Nyland’s unique demonstrations of Tesla’s all-electric prowess has made him particularly popular and respected in the online community. As we covered in a previous report, the Norway-based YouTuber has taken his electric SUV on a winter off-roading adventure and even engaged in a classic tug-of-war battle with a Hummer H2

Watch this Tesla Model X tow a 95,000 lb semi truck across an icy road
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