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Tesla adds Model Y All-Wheel-Drive with 4680 cells to inventory

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Tesla has added several Model Y All-Wheel-Drive units equipped with 4680 battery cells to its online inventory.

Tesla’s new 4680 batteries were unveiled several years ago, and the automaker had some tall promises for the new cell. It was intended to increase range, power, and lifespan with new materials and manufacturing techniques. It was finally equipped in Tesla’s All-Wheel-Drive Model Y built at Gigafactory Texas last year.

Only a handful of the 4680-equipped Model Ys made it to the public before the trim configuration was sold out. Tesla has not completely ramped up 4680 cell production as of yet, but last year it celebrated several milestones in the production of the cell.

Tesla 4680 production hits milestone of 868k cells in seven days

Details regarding the All-Wheel-Drive Model Y were scarce, but it was confirmed that the vehicle was utilizing Tesla’s new 4680 cells. It features 269 miles of range, which is less than the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive Model Y features with its traditional 2170 battery cells.

Tesla has added several Model Y All-Wheel-Drive units to its inventory, first spotted by EV enthusiast The Kilowatts.

Teslarati initially reported last year that Tesla had received EPA Certificates of Conformity for three Model Y configurations, including the Model Y Performance, Model Y Long Range All-Wheel-Drive, and the Model Y All-Wheel-Drive, which features the 4680 cells.

The vehicle has a hefty asking price for its range when compared to the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive. It is only $2,000 cheaper than the other option, which offers range ratings of 330 miles per charge, Tesla’s Online Design Studio says.

The vehicles appear to be either test drive or demo units, as their odometers all read below 50 miles. Considering them as potential test drive units is a reach, considering the extremely low mileage.

Tesla seemed to perform an extremely limited rollout of the 4680-equipped Model Y, especially as only a handful of people had the opportunity to drive or own one. Tesla’s Senior VP of Powertrain Drew Baglino has driven one for some time, and he and CEO Elon Musk chatted briefly about it during the company’s most recent earnings call.

“We are making Model Ys. Some of the Model Ys coming out of Giga Texas are 4680,” Musk said. “And I think, Drew, the car you drive around is 4680 Model Y?”

“Yes. 10,000 miles,” Baglino responded.

Others have been able to get their hands on the crossover, including Ryan Levenson of the Kilowatts, who did a review of the vehicle comparing it to the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive configuration of the Model Y built in Fremont, California.

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Tesla adds Model Y All-Wheel-Drive with 4680 cells to inventory
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