Tesla supplier CATL announces new battery with 430 miles of range

(Credit: CATL)

Chairman Zeng Yuqun of Tesla battery supplier Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) discussed the company’s new M3P battery at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress in Beijing last week. CATL expects M3P batteries to have increased energy density by 10% to 20%. 

With the M3P battery, CATL cells could increase an electric vehicle’s range to 700 km or 430 miles. M3P batteries will be made from new materials that CATL states will lower the costs of the cells compared to nickel and cobalt-based batteries.

CATL aims to increase its lead over its rivals like LG Energy Solution and BYD. The M3P battery cell might help the Chinese battery supplier achieve its goals. 

M3P in Tesla Giga Shanghai Cars

Early last month, rumors floated around in China that Tesla Giga Shanghai would launch new Model 3 and Model Y variants with CATL’s M3P batteries. Currently, Giga Shanghai vehicles use CATL’s lithium phosphate batteries. 

As of this writing, Tesla China’s website states the Model 3 has cruising ranges between 556 km (345 miles) and 675 km (419 miles), based on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) standard. CLTC estimates are usually higher than WLTP and mNEDC numbers in Europe. The MIC Model Y has a cruising range between 545 km (338 miles) and 660 km (410 miles), according to CLTC.

China Improving Battery Supply Chain

Representatives at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress in Beijing brought up concerns about emissions from manufacturing plants and the rising costs of raw materials during the event. 

According to Bloomberg, executives at the conference encouraged the Chinese government to follow international emission standards regarding local manufacturing processes. CATL Chairman Zeng noted that China lagged behind other countries regarding emissions from manufacturers.

The representatives suggested that the Chinese government invest more in low energy-consumption products and encourage companies to upgrade production facilities to improve emissions. They also mentioned the idea of establishing an up-to-date carbon-emission database. 

Representatives also talked about rising raw material costs. “We are all working for the miners,” said SAIC Motor Corp Ltd. Chairman Chen Hong. 

Car makers worldwide have increased their products’ prices due to rising raw material and logistics costs. Top EV maker Tesla has been affected as well. Executives at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress suggested that China further develops battery recycling businesses to combat some raw material costs affecting carmakers.

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Tesla supplier CATL announces new battery with 430 miles of range
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