Edmunds validates Tesla Model Y’s mainstream potential: ‘an extremely compelling vehicle’

(Credit: Edmunds/Twitter)

The Tesla Model Y is already undergoing its first ramp, with deliveries beginning despite the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the Model Y’s ramp, automotive firm Edmunds has validated the vehicle’s mainstream appeal, stating that the all-electric crossover will likely be “extremely compelling” for many buyers. 

Echoing much of its initial observations about the Model Y, the automotive firm summarized the vehicle as a combination of performance, price, and lots of technology, which gives the crossover a lot of value. That being said, Edmunds did take away some points from the Model Y due to its lack of interior “richness” and its rear visibility, which has areas of improvement.

And this, in a lot of ways, will be a good combination that will give the Model Y the potential to break into the mainstream auto market. Tesla has long been competing in the premium/luxury segment, and for the most part, it has succeeded. The Model S made serious waves in the large sedan market, and the Model X did the same for premium SUVs. The Model 3, Tesla’s first attempt at breaking into the mainstream, has been an enormous success. 

Edmunds has proven to be a supporter of Tesla in the past, particularly the Model 3. Having purchased the vehicle, the automotive firm experienced how their all-electric sedan became better over time as it received one software update after another. While Edmunds initially excluded the Model 3 from its Best EVs under $40k list despite the presence of the sub-$40k Standard Range Plus variant, the firm eventually gave its “2020 EV of the Year” title to the all-electric sedan. 

The Tesla Model Y shares 75% of the parts of the Model 3, and being a crossover, it is loaded with a ton of space. This was mentioned by the automotive publication in their review of the vehicle, with the firm praising the crossover for its cargo capacity. All this additional hauling capability comes at a premium over the Model 3, but not as much, as the Dual Motor AWD variant of the Model Y starts at $52,990. That’s pretty close to the average price of the first production Model 3 Long Range RWD when it began deliveries back in 2017. 

The Model Y is designed to be the vehicle that makes Tesla into a legitimate mainstream carmaker. Elon Musk himself has said that he expects the Model Y to outsell the Model S, Model 3, and Model X. Considering that the crossover is close in price to the Model 3 while including basic Autopilot, the Model Y could very well become the go-to vehicle for many families looking to purchase their first EV. 

Edmunds validates Tesla Model Y’s mainstream potential: ‘an extremely compelling vehicle’
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