Tesla Model Y spotted zipping around Fremont test track ahead of expected March deliveries

Credit: Twitter/earthling_dream

New footage of the Tesla Model Y has emerged showing the company’s first all-electric crossover at the test track outside of the Fremont production plant where it ran spirited laps and launches. The Model Y can be seen testing at the factory’s South Lot, performing through a series of banked turns at the company’s testing facility.

Twitter user Nicolae B. (@earthling_dream) spotted multiple Model Y vehicles roaming around Tesla’s test park on February 24. The video of the electric crossover driving through the turn and accelerating out into a straightaway gives viewers the impression that despite its Model X-like spacious design it can still perform as well as its smaller, best-in-class Model 3 sibling.

The second video shows two Model Ys that appear to be gearing up for launches on a drag strip. One vehicle appears to be making its way to the starting line, while the other seems to have just finished a run. Nicolae states that all of the Model Y vehicles being tested that day were Performance variants, and it would not be a surprise considering its impressive display of acceleration out of the turn.

The sighting of the Model Y on the track hints that Tesla’s Model Y is developing as expected after the company announced that the Model Y would begin deliveries in March ahead of its initial originally planned Summer 2020 delivery date.

This is not the first time Tesla has uncorked the Model Y at the Fremont test track. It was spotted ripping through the track in mid-December 2019 by Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry. During a visit to Fremont for a factory check, Chowdhry spoke highly of the Model Y after watching it rip around the track, indicating that the vehicle’s performance was impressive considering its “super-high speeds during rain and heavy winds.”

The Model Y will initially be available in a Dual-Motor Long Range and Dual-Motor Performance variants. The Long Range variant will offer an EPA estimated 315 miles of range with a 135 MPH top speed, while the Performance variant will have a 280-mile range rating (when equipped with larger Uberturbine wheels) and a top speed of 145 MPH.

Tesla Model Y spotted zipping around Fremont test track ahead of expected March deliveries
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