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Tesla dials in Model Y production line with tooling improvements

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Tesla plans to dial in the production quality of the Model Y even further, with new applications from the automaker revealing that it will perform “tool improvements” on the General Assembly 4 (GA4) manufacturing lines of the all-electric crossover at its Fremont, California, production plant.

Tesla’s GA4 line is located in the notorious tent, or spring structure, right outside the Fremont factory’s main building. Early on, Tesla used it to produce the Model 3. However, upon the release of the Model Y, the automaker transitioned the lines to build the all-electric crossover in 2020.

Earlier this year, Tesla filed to make the tent permanent by building foundations for the tent and installing underground utilities like plumbing.

A snapshot from a drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont factory on June 29, 2018. [Credit: DarkSoldier 360/YouTube]

Now, Tesla is planning to perform tooling improvements on the Model Y lines, according to documents filed by the automaker to the City of Fremont. Tooling improvements are often performed when changes are made to a vehicle or manufacturing machinery needs to be replaced due to excessive use. Retooling is also performed when things could be more efficient, which Tesla has focused on tremendously in the past few years.

CEO Elon Musk also said in a leaked email from last Summer that “GA4 (stands for General Assembly 4) is also a top priority for facility improvements” and that conditions would “get better fast.” Musk also mentioned that minimizing rectification needs was a priority. It seems to have worked as the automaker’s build quality across all of its vehicles has improved over the past year.

Now it appears that Tesla is planning to make these improvements, especially as demand for the Model Y continues to rise. As a result, the vehicle has started to overtake the Model 3 in several markets, including the company’s home state of California. The Model Y was also more popular than the Model 3 globally in April.

In the past week, the Model Y has been in the news for several recalls related to issues to brake caliper bolts and seat-belt mounting problems. These issues were not exclusive to the Model Y, as they also applied to some Model 3 builds. Tesla can fix the problems at local Service Centers free of charge, it said to the NHTSA.

Tesla has always held high standards for its vehicles, and Musk has always focused on the shortcomings that the company has faced in an attempt to improve the quality of its vehicles. However, over the past year, many owners have indicated that the build quality of Tesla’s cars has improved tremendously. One of them was automotive legend Sandy Munro, who said that his 2021 Model 3 was worlds better than previous builds that he has come into contact with.

In the long term, Tesla plans to be “head and shoulders” above other car companies in terms of manufacturing. Musk has admitted in the past that other companies will catch up to Tesla in tech, range, and performance, but manufacturing is where the company will have a distinct advantage over its competitors.

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Tesla dials in Model Y production line with tooling improvements
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