Tesla Model Y takes shape with hatchback design in latest teaser

Tesla’s released another Model Y teaser as part of its lead up to tonight’s unveiling event at the LA Design Center, set to begin at 8 pm PDT.

Tesla’s short 7-second video brings to focus a standalone all-electric crossover that’s slowly revealed through increasingly brightened studio lights.

It appears the Model Y will have a body reminiscent of the companies flagship Tesla Model X SUV, but styled more like a traditional hatchback. Since 75% of Model Y components being shared with the Model 3, it’s very likely that we’ll see a taller version of the Model 3 with similar wheelbase, higher suspension travel, larger wheels and tires, and a single, center-mounted touchscreen.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally imagined Model Y to have its very own vehicle architecture, including a dedicated factory for production, before being “wheeled back from the cliffs of instanityt” by company executives

Speculation is growing as to what else may be revealed during the Model Y livestream event, first announced by Musk on March 3rd. The all-electric car manufacturer has several ongoing developments, notably the next generation Roadster (to include an optional SpaceX package) and the Tesla Pickup truck, a vehicle beginning to see serious competition from another US-born, all-electric vehicle company that’s making serious headway – Rivian.

Join us live and follow us @Teslarati, as we bring you behind-the-scenes action from tonight’s Model Y unveiling from LA Design Studio.

Tesla Model Y takes shape with hatchback design in latest teaser
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