Tesla unveils the Model Y: 300-mile range, 7 seats, and $39k base price

The Tesla Model Y is here, and it is everything that we wanted it to be, plus a little bit more. Elon Musk revealed the all-electric SUV before Tesla enthusiasts and guests at the LA Design Center on Thursday, and based on the community’s reaction; the Model Y seemed to have met expectations.


The Model Y is recognizable as a Tesla from first glance. True to a number of teasers that have been released over the past weeks, the Model Y is a larger, somewhat bulkier version of the Model 3. Inside the vehicle, the Model Y is all Model 3, with the dashboard being dominated by the same 15″ touchscreen, which controls the majority of the vehicle’s functions. The Tesla Model Y is an SUV that seats seven passengers comfortably, and it has 66 cu ft of cargo space.


The Model Y comes in four variants: the Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD, and Performance versions. The Standard Range variant goes from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, the Long Range in 5.5 seconds, the Dual Motor AWD in 4.8 seconds, and the Performance trim in a Model 3-comparable 3.5 seconds. Top speed for the Model Y is 120 mph for the Standard Range, 130 mph for the Long Range, 135 mph for the Dual Motor AWD, and 150 mph for the Performance version.


Being a Tesla, the Model Y is equipped with impressive range. The Standard Range version goes 230 miles on one charge, while the Long Range version goes 300 miles in one charge. Both the Dual Motor AWD and Performance Model Y get 280 miles of range per charge.


The Model Y is built to be fully compatible with the Supercharger V3 network, which supports charging at 250 kW. This translates to a charging speed of up to 1,000 miles per hour, which should allow owners to do road trips even faster and more conveniently than before. The faster charging speed will also allow Supercharger V3 locations to accommodate more vehicles per hour; a capability that will be beneficial to Model Y owners considering the estimated demand for the all-electric SUV.

Pricing and Availability

The Model Y is expected to enter production sometime in Fall 2020, with the company producing the Long Range, Dual Motor AWD, and Performance versions first. The Standard Range hits production in Spring 2021. The Model Y starts at $39,000 for the base variant and $47,000 for the Long Range version. A Dual Motor AWD version costs $51,000 and a Performance variant will be priced at $60,000.

Interested buyers can reserve a Model Y at for a $2,500 deposit.

Tesla unveils the Model Y: 300-mile range, 7 seats, and $39k base price
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