Tesla Model Y sees minor price adjustments in the US and China

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

Tesla has implemented a minor price increase for the Model Y Long Range. In the United States, the mid-tier Model Y variant’s price has been adjusted to $48,990 before options, $500 more than its previous price of $48,490 before options. 

The update to the Model Y’s price was observed by members of the online electric vehicle community on Thursday night. The Model Y Long Range’s new price also came around the same time as the launch of Stealth Gray as a free paint option for the Model S and Model X. Similar to other Model S and Model X colors, Stealth Gray paint is free with every order of the flagship electric vehicles. 

Following the update to the price of the Model Y Long Range, the all-electric crossover now costs $43,990 for the Rear Wheel Drive version, $48,990 for the Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive, and $52,490 for the Model Y Performance in the US. Estimated delivery dates for Model Y Long Range orders in the United States are currently listed at October to November 2023. 

Over in China, Tesla also rolled out an adjustment for the Model Y. The price change, however, was implemented for the Model Y Performance instead. As could be seen in the Tesla Model Y order page in China, the Model Y Performance now costs RMB 363,900 (about $49,700), which is RMB 14,000 (around $1,900) more than its previous cost of RMB 349,900 (about $47,800). The Giga Shanghai-made Model Y Peformance is currently listed with an estimated delivery date of 2-6 weeks. 

The minor price increase to the Model Y that’s recently been implemented has been received warmly by Tesla advocates on social media platforms such as Twitter. Price increases, after all, could be a hint that the demand for the Model Y is increasing. The Model Y’s high demand should not be surprising, of course, considering that the vehicle is currently Tesla’s strongest seller, even becoming the world’s best-selling car in Q1 2023. 

The Model Y’s strength in the market could be hinted at by the fact that the vehicle became Europe’s best-selling car in September. With this feat under its belt, the Model Y has effectively secured the title six times this 2023 so far. 

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Tesla Model Y sees minor price adjustments in the US and China
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