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Tesla is preparing Fremont factory for Model Y, Model S refresh production: report

Tesla's Fremont factory, where all Model 3s are produced. (Photo: Tesla)

Tesla is reportedly refitting parts of its Fremont factory in CA to make way for the upcoming production of the Model Y and a Model S refresh, which will feature an updated interior that is similar to that of the Model 3. The updates were related by a number of current and former Tesla employees, according to a recent report from CNBC.

The publication’s sources claim that Tesla is only beginning to place orders for the machinery required to manufacture the Model Y. It should be noted that neither Tesla nor CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the Model Y will indeed be produced in the Fremont factory. The idea even seemed to have been shot down by Musk at one point last year, when he stated that site was already “packed to the gills” with the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 lines.

In order to make way for the Model Y, Tesla is reportedly looking to combine Model S and Model X production into a single line. This should allow the electric car maker to accommodate the new production facilities for the Model Y.

Apart from Model Y production in Fremont, the publication’s sources also claim that the electric car maker is preparing to roll out an interior refresh for the Model S that will give it the same minimalistic theme as the Model 3. The sources further noted that the refreshed Model S would utilize the same drive units and seats as the higher-end Model 3, as well as a battery pack that is capable of delivering up to 400 miles of range in a single charge.

Initial production for the Tesla Model S refresh will reportedly start sometime September, according to CNBC’s sources. Tesla, for its part, has declined to issue a comment.

An interior refresh for the Model S has been expected by the Tesla community for some time, mainly as the electric car maker appears to be moving towards the Model 3’s design theme, as shown in the interior of the Model Y, the Tesla Semi, and even (up to a point) the next-generation Roadster. With the Model S being given a refreshed interior, it would likely be only a matter of time before the Model X gets the same treatment as well.

Tesla appears to be set on starting the production of the Model Y as early as possible. Elon Musk noted during the vehicle’s unveiling that the all-electric SUV would enter production sometime next year. If Fremont is already being prepared for the arrival of the SUV, this timeframe could be accelerated. Together with a refreshed Model S, having the Model Y start production late this year or even early next year should help Tesla boost the demand for its vehicles even more.

Tesla is preparing Fremont factory for Model Y, Model S refresh production: report
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