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Tesla is becoming CA’s standard law enforcement vehicle

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Folsom City staff have noted that Tesla vehicles are becoming an industry-standard in California. During a regular meeting earlier this week, the Folsom City Council approved the purchase of two Tesla vehicles at the request of Folsom Police Chief Rick Hillman.

The Folsom PD did its research before deciding to purchase its first zero-emission vehicle. 

“The all-electric, zero-emission Tesla has proven to be a leader in technological advancements with their vehicles and the technology they possess, which aligns with the vision of the Police Department,” said staff. “The reduced initial cost, efficiency, zero emissions, reliability, and reduced maintenance costs compared to other vehicles make them a viable fleet option.”

The police department will assess the suitability of Tesla’s EVs as fleet vehicles for officers on duty. Folsom PD’s 2023-2024 budget includes $500,000 for vehicles.

The City Council approved the purchase of two Tesla vehicles amounting to $108,838.28—for both electric vehicles (EVs). With that budget, the Folsom Police Department decided to buy one Tesla Model Y and one Model 3. 

“We are purchasing a Model Y to try out as a patrol car. We’re also getting a Model 3 for a community service officer car,” Folsom PD Operations Division Commander Andrew Bates. 

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are eligible for the federal tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act. After tax incentives, Tesla calculates that the Model 3 starts at $32,740 while the Model Y starts at $40,240. As of this writing, Tesla offers the Model 3 RWD at $40,240 before options and tax incentives. The EV manufacturer sells the Model 3 Long Range for $47,240 and the Performance variance for $53,240—before tax credits. 

Meanwhile, Tesla priced the base Model Y Dual-Motor AWD at $47,740—before options and incentives. The Model Y Long Range starts at $50,490, while the Model Y Performance variant starts at $54,490 without tax credits.

Folsom City staff calculated that the cost of a Tesla policy cruiser is comparable to the Ford Explorers the local police department traditionally purchases. The City Council also approved the purchase of three 2023 Ford Explorers to replace the Folsom PD’s used SUVs. 

Ford offers eight 2023 Explorer SUV models. The base Ford Explorer starts at $36,760, a little more than the Model 3 RWD’s price after tax incentives. The Ford Explorer’s top-tier variant is the King Ranch model, and it starts at $54,525, around the same price as the Model Y Performance—before tax credits. 

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Tesla is becoming CA’s standard law enforcement vehicle
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