Elon Musk promotes Tesla Cybertruck as “next-level” cruiser

Image Credit: Franz von Holzhausen/Twitter

There are some things that drivers trying to get away from police cruisers never want to see. The hulking silhouette of the Tesla Cybertruck in their rear view mirror is probably going to be one of them. Elon Musk believes as much, noting in a recent post that Cybertruck cruisers will be “next level.” 

The use of Teslas as police vehicles is steadily growing, especially as police departments become more accustomed to the advantages of electric vehicles. Last August alone, the Boulder City Police Department told Teslarati that the department had purchased several Tesla Model Y units. The police department noted that part of what makes the Model Y compelling is its capability to get its issues fixed remotely. 

In a recent post on Twitter, EV enthusiast @Teslaconomics shared a short video of a Tesla Model 3 outfitted for police duty. It’s difficult to deny that the Model 3 looks pretty good as a police car. With its flashing lights and matte black and white color scheme, the Model 3 cruiser looked futuristic. 

But as per a response from Elon Musk, the Cybertruck would be an even better cruiser. Musk noted that “Cybertruck cruisers will be next-level” and that the all-electric pickup truck is “designed for Bladerunner.” Musk has a good point, as Rick Deckard’s decommissioned Spinner from Blade Runner greatly resembles the Cybertruck, from its angular shape to its large glass panels.

There are many reasons why the Cybertruck may be a good vehicle for police departments. Its tough steel exterior means that the all-electric pickup truck could take the necessary bumps and dings that come with the job. Its large frame also means it could be an imposing presence on the road. If Tesla sticks anywhere near the Cybertruck’s original pricing, then police departments may very well find themselves with yet another compelling cruiser. 

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Elon Musk promotes Tesla Cybertruck as “next-level” cruiser
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