Tesla can expect higher Model Y demand compared to Model 3, survey says

Credit: Tesla

A survey conducted by a Wall Street firm is showing that the Tesla Model Y is trending higher than the Model 3 in terms of consumer interest. As the Silicon Valley-based carmaker readies its customers for the first deliveries of the Model Y in the coming days, the survey shows that Tesla may very well have another solid winner in its hands.

The Model Y is exceptionally similar to the Model 3 in design as the two vehicles share 75% of their parts. The Model Y offers those interested in a Model 3 more features and utility, like additional cargo space. The world is shifting towards electric transportation, and crossovers are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility. The Model Y fits both of these categories.

A survey from UBS took the opinions of nearly 10,000 people in six different countries to determine the potential sales numbers of the Model Y. Up to 28% of respondents stated they would “likely consider” buying the Model Y crossover, according to UBS analyst Patrick Hummel in a research report. As noted by Barron’s, this level of consumer interest is higher than the Model 3’s 2018 estimates, which stood at 26%.

One of the countries involved in the survey was China, a country where Tesla has made a significant presence within the past year. The Model Y could make an even more substantial impact in the country with the largest car market in the world. Car buyers in China were even more optimistic about the Model Y, with 65% of respondents stating they would consider buying Tesla’s crossover when it becomes available in the country.

Tesla built its first non-US-based Gigafactory in Shanghai last year. The site began the production of the Made-in-China Model 3 in 2019 as well and began delivering the vehicle to Chinese citizens in early 2020. However, Tesla also announced that it plans to start producing the Model Y in Shanghai at its Gigafactory, a process they have been preparing for recently as the company gears up for the third phase of the facility’s construction.

The Model Y’s success could be attributed to the popularity of the Model 3, as it was a vehicle that spiked Tesla’s reachable market due to affordability. The Model Y is an improvement of the Model 3 as it offers additional cargo space. It will likely encounter fewer production issues than the Model 3 thanks to optimizations in production that Tesla hinted at during its Q4 2019 earnings call.

Tesla will begin delivering the Model Y within the next few days, according to community estimates. Some owners have stated the company has contacted them saying March 11 with be the day of delivery, making it even sooner than its planned delivery date of March 15.

Tesla can expect higher Model Y demand compared to Model 3, survey says
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