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Tesla Model Y recalled over rear seatbelt issue

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The Tesla Model Y has been recalled due to rear seat and seatbelt issues.

Tesla and its fans have been particularly vocal about the terminology “recall,” especially when vehicles are fixed remotely via software updates. However, Tesla is not immune to physical recalls. Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalled the Tesla Model Y due to issues relating to the rear seats and seatbelts.

According to the filing from the NHTSA, 3,470 vehicles spanning model years 2022 and 2023 have loose bolts that secure the rear seats and rear seatbelts, potentially leading to a hazardous situation if the vehicle were to get into a crash. The NHTSA states that letters will be sent to affected owners by April 25th, each fixed at nearby Tesla service stations free of charge.

The report specifies that those who believe they may be affected by the Model Y recall can contact either Tesla’s customer service or the NHTSA helpline to have their questions answered.

Due to the low number of vehicles and model range affected, it seems the issue was caught relatively quickly, though it remains unclear how many vehicles that have been produced but not yet sold have been involved as well.

This recall follows shortly after Tesla issued a massive ~362,000 vehicle recall regarding its Full-Self-Driving software that the NHTSA states was unsafely operating at specific types of intersections. Since then, the issue has been resolved via OTA update. However, it continues to stoke strong opinions from those who disagree with the NHTSA’s terminology and those who believe that the Tesla FSD software is unsafe.

As Tesla continues to rapidly improve its quality control and production standards, as outlined in the Investor Day event, these recalls will likely decrease in occurrence. Though with Tesla often labeled as having poor build quality by consumers, it remains unclear when the stigma surrounding its brand will dissipate.

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Tesla Model Y recalled over rear seatbelt issue
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