Tesla Model Y Refresh sightings: Here’s when we could expect it

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A refreshed Tesla Model Y was spotted over the weekend, but that does not necessarily mean it will come out anytime soon.

We reported on the sighting of a potential Model Y refresh, known as “Project Juniper,” this past weekend. However, although it could potentially be an early rendition of what Tesla could do to bring a new look and new features to its most popular car, it will take some time for it to hit production lines and make it to the public.

tesla model y juniper refresh

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In June 2022, Tesla started preparing its Fremont Factory for upgraded production lines that would allow the plant to begin producing the Model 3 Highland.

It took over 18 months for the vehicle to arrive in U.S. showrooms, mostly because of its new features, line upgrades at various factories, and Tesla’s prioritization of the Cybertruck.

Yet, here we are once again. The Model Y is likely due for a slightly new look and some more refined features, and it could pay off in the long run as it has already overtaken every vehicle on Earth in terms of global sales. Last year, it was the best-selling vehicle in the world.

Why We Won’t See the Model Y Refresh Anytime Soon

There are a few reasons why the public won’t be able to buy this vehicle anytime soon.

Robotaxi and Next-Gen Platform are Priority

Initially, Tesla is preparing for its August 8 unveiling of the Robotaxi, which will be its main focus as the automaker has already admitted its priority is the next-generation platform.

Tesla’s main goal for the next few years will be to develop this platform, initiating its next phase of growth as a company. A lot has been made of its delivery numbers this year, which do not seem like they will outpace the figures it reported in 2023.

Tesla reports Q2 delivery and production figures, beating estimates

However, Tesla is not concerned about this. It admitted that its growth rate would be lower over the duration of the next-gen platform’s development.

Once the Robotaxi and another mass-market vehicle are created, which should be offered at a price point below $30,000, Tesla will see those delivery numbers go up.

The Model Y will still perform well, and it’s still a desirable vehicle. There is no reason to prioritize a refresh for it at this juncture, especially because the difference in sales will be relatively small.

Tesla has already said it’s not coming this year

Tesla is not the best at managing timelines, and anyone who has followed the company for any length of time knows that.

With that being said, CEO Elon Musk has already confirmed the Model Y refresh is not coming this year. However, that does indirectly confirm it is coming eventually.

Musk reiterates that Model Y refresh is not coming this year

Musk mentioned that there are constant improvements every six months when he said this, but this does not necessarily include vast cosmetic differences. From a visual standpoint, it’s the same.

So if not now, when?

It’s safe to assume that 2026 would be a good guess for the Model Y Juniper. Basing this off of the prioritization of Robotaxi and the next-gen platform, along with what the Model 3 Highland went through from start to finish, it would be best to expect it after 2025.

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Tesla Model Y Refresh sightings: Here’s when we could expect it
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