Apparent Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ refresh spotted under wraps

Credit: u/JackIJack | Reddit

What appeared to be a covered version of Tesla’s upcoming Model Y refresh, dubbed “Juniper” by media outlets, was spotted for the first time ahead of its official launch.

On Sunday, Reddit user JackIJack spotted the apparent Tesla Model Y refresh outside of the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California. As can be seen in the image, the Model Y features covers on the front and rear bumpers, though the front looks to have gotten a similar redesign to the recently refreshed Model 3.

Credit: u/JackIJack | Reddit

The sighting is the first we’ve seen of the upcoming Model Y, though several Model 3 refresh units were also seen being tested ahead of the company’s official debut of the latest design of the electric sedan. In recent months, however, Tesla has noted multiple times that a refreshed Model Y won’t be hitting the market this year, though it’s been widely speculated, even throughout much of last year.

The Model 3 launched in Asia and Europe last fall, then the company later launched the vehicle in North America in January. As such, many were speculating that Tesla could do the same thing with the Model Y refresh this year, though it seems from the company’s recent statements that the earliest we’ll see the redesigned SUV is early 2025.

Last year, the Model Y became the world’s best-selling vehicle overall, as was recently highlighted in a unique advertisement dubbed its “Mobile Gallery,” which features a Model Y encased in glass being towed by a Cybertruck. On the glass case, Tesla printed the words “The Best-Selling Car in the World is Made in America,” and citing the associated data from JATO Dynamics.

Tesla recently replaced its entry-level Model Y configuration in the U.S. with a higher-ranged base model, and Musk has said that the company could eventually offer software range improvements for the old base model.

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Apparent Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ refresh spotted under wraps
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