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Tesla is downgrading a piece of the Model Y RWD entertainment experience

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is downgrading a major piece of the Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive’s entertainment system by reducing the number of speakers the car has in what is likely a cost-saving measure.

Tesla first featured 15 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and a single subwoofer, but this was reduced once before to 14 speakers, with the other two remaining untouched.

The Model Y has another change to its sound system, according to the company’s website, which shows the vehicle now features just 7 speakers, an amp, and no subwoofer, drastically downgrading the system from what it once was.

The changes were first spotted by Drive Tesla.

These changes are only affecting U.S.-built Model Ys, as the configurations for the European and Asian markets remain unchanged.

Tesla made some changes to the Model Y’s Long Range and Performance configurations last week, updating range figures due to EPA testing modifications. It also added two new colors for the Model Y, including Stealth Grey and Ultra Red options to the vehicle. They were previously only available on the Model S and Model X.

Tesla range adjustments hit most of vehicle lineup following EPA changes

Tesla also started reaching out to Model Y reservation holders last week, asking them to reconfigure their orders in order to keep their purchases active.

The company started reaching out to those who had orders placed on the Model X initially but then made the same communication to Model S and Model Y owners.

Tesla asks customers with pending orders to reconfigure before deadline

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Tesla is downgrading a piece of the Model Y RWD entertainment experience
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