Tesla highlights Cybertruck’s best selling points in cool sub-1-minute ad

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The Cybertruck may not be designed to be mass-produced at the same level as the Model Y or the next-gen platform, but Tesla seems determined to sell as many of the brutalist all-electric pickup as possible. Such sentiments are hinted at in a video that was recently posted by the electric vehicle maker on social media, which featured the Cybertruck’s most noteworthy qualities. 

Elon Musk was not kidding when he previously stated that the Cybertruck includes a lot of new features that are not found in Tesla’s other vehicles. As noted by Hagerty’s Jason Cammisa during his Cybertruck review, the unorthodox design of the all-electric pickup truck is actually the least disruptive part of the vehicle. The Cybertruck’s true disruption lies underneath its controversial exterior.

A number of these features were highlighted prominently in Tesla’s Cybertruck video. There’s only so much that one can fit in a sub-1-minute advertisement, but Tesla sure made the most out of the time that it had. The company showcased the Cybertruck’s hard steel exterior, its hidden gear locker, its 120V and 240V outlets, 18.5” front and 9.4” rear touch display, and its unique user interface. 

The sub-1-minute ad also emphasized how the all-electric pickup truck features a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, as well as an adaptive air suspension system that provides 12” of travel to the wheels and 17.4” of ground clearance. Other functions such as the vehicle’s four wheel steering and steer-by-wire system were also highlighted. Tesla also pointed out the Cybertruck’s numerous storage spaces, as well as its sizable bed and lockable vault.

These are but a number of the Cybertruck features that Tesla showcased in its marketing video. If any, Tesla’s sub-1-minute Cybertruck ad emphasizes the point that the vehicle has a lot to offer to consumers. With its utility and tech, perhaps the Cybertruck may indeed have what it takes to disrupt the pickup truck market in the United States. Such a scenario may sound implausible today considering the Cybertruck’s current prices, but with the vehicle’s production ramp and Tesla’s manufacturing efficiencies, the vehicle’s cost would likely drop over time. 

And when the Cybertruck becomes more affordable, it will likely be one heck of a contender in the pickup truck market. 

Watch Tesla’s sub-1-minute Cybertruck video below.

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Tesla highlights Cybertruck’s best selling points in cool sub-1-minute ad
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