Tesla asks customers with pending orders to reconfigure before deadline

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After Tesla debuted new range estimates for its vehicles this week, the automaker has started emailing customers with pending orders to ask them to reconfigure in the next few days.

Tesla made adjustments to its range estimates for the Model S, Model X and Model Y, as we reported on Thursday, and the company is now asking buyers with pending orders for the vehicles to update their configurations by January 10 (via Sawyer Merritt). The news was shared in emails to buyers this week, seemingly informing customers of the updated range estimates to ensure that they agree before taking delivery of their vehicles, which are now estimated to have less range than when purchased.

In addition to the updates in accordance with new range estimates from the EPA, Tesla says it has added a number of “comfort and functionality improvements,” which use up more energy from the vehicles’ battery packs than before. If users don’t update their configurations in time, their orders will be canceled and order fees refunded.

“To move forward with your order, please reconfigure your Model X at your earliest convenience,” Tesla wrote in one of the emails to a Model X buyer. “We received updated EPA range estimates for Model X Long Range that are slightly lower than when you placed your order. This update is a result of several comfort and functionality improvements we’ve made across our vehicles, which require more energy from the battery pack.

“The EPA also updated their range testing guidance to ensure sticker estimates for all manufacturers more closely reflect real-world range, impacting previous range estimates for all manufacturers, not just Tesla.”

Following the original post, Merritt also noted that the email was going out to buyers of the Model S and Y, in addition to the Model X.

The range adjustments took place after the EPA implemented a new strategy for performing range testing, originally shared in 2022 though it officially went into effect with 2024 model year vehicles. Along with range adjustments, Tesla also reduced the top speed of one vehicle

Tesla has made the following adjustments:

  • Model Y Long Range: range reduced to 310 miles (from 330)
  • Model Y Performance: range reduced to 285 miles (from 303)
  • Model X Plaid: range reduced to 326 miles (from 333)
  • Model S Plaid: range reduced to 359 miles (from 396)
  • Model S AWD: top speed reduced to 130 mph (from 149)

Along with the new range estimates, Tesla interestingly also debuted two new colors for the Model Y, now offering the SUV in Stealth Grey and Ultra Red, which were previously only available for the Model S and X.

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Tesla asks customers with pending orders to reconfigure before deadline
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