Tesla prepares for winter by selling Model Y tire and wheel package

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Tesla has added a Winter Tire and Wheel package for the Model Y crossover to its online shop as cold months approach.

The Model Y’s 19-inch Gemini Wheel and Winter tire package is geared toward providing increased safety and confidence as slippery and tricky roads begin to appear in several countries. The package available on Tesla’s online shop aims to increase traction, stability, and braking efficiency in colder temperatures, specifically under 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.22 degrees Celsius).

The package includes 19×9.5J ET45 Gemini wheels, 4 255/45R19 Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires, and 4 tire pressure sensors. It costs $3,500.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla writes:

“Model Y 19″ Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package provides maximum safety and grip when driving in wet or dry conditions and on icy or snow-covered roads. The winter package guarantees a high level of traction, stability, and braking efficiency under 45° F, so you can enjoy wherever you drive with confidence and comfort.”

Despite Tesla being based in California’s warm climate, the company has increased its awareness of other drivers and their presence of challenging Winter conditions. The addition of several Winter kits has been made available by the automaker, enabling owners in cooler areas the opportunity to experience increased performance in these conditions.

Tesla Model Y efficiency exceeds Model 3 in real-world winter driving test

Tesla has gone further than just releasing tire and wheel kits to increase vehicle safety. The company has been attempting to increase efficiency in colder climates, which can be detrimental to EV range. A heat pump was added to the Model Y upon first deliveries of the vehicle, and now Tesla is also equipping it in the “refreshed” version of the Model 3.

In colder climates, Tesla recommends several options that can increase their electric cars’ safety and efficiency. While driving, Tesla recommends you keep an eye out for the Snowflake Icon, which can hint that your vehicle’s battery pack may be too cold. This can affect range and performance, and some features may be limited. Leaving your car plugged in and using Scheduled Departure or Precondition can also be advantageous for owners as it can keep your Tesla retain heat.

Using the recommended Tesla Winter tire and wheel kits are also recommended as increased traction and stability control can be the difference between having an accident and staying on course. Check out Tesla’s online shop to see what the automaker recommends for your vehicle during the winter months.

Tesla prepares for winter by selling Model Y tire and wheel package
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