Tesla Navigation Waypoints are just around the corner after adamant requests to Elon Musk

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Tesla Navigation waypoints appear to be “en route” only months after Elon Musk finally conceded to drivers’ request for the feature. The not-so-undercover Tesla hacker @greentheonly recently discovered evidence hinting that waypoints are coming to Tesla’s navigation system—or at least that Tesla is actively preparing to introduce the highly-requested feature soon.

“I think I found something. Or more than one something. It also seems to be somewhat raw still, but more substance than random references in the code,” Green tweeted, along with a picture of Tesla’s map with multiple destination points. The screen clearly showed “Add Waypoint” at the top left corner.

Green explained that adding Tesla navigation waypoints could be important for battery management, especially for drivers taking trips with multiple stops. “[I]mportant for proper battery charge level managements. When the car thinks every destination is final – it assumes it’s ok to arrive there even with 0% SoC [state of charge,]” he replied to Ross Nesbit’s comment on his post.

Adding waypoints could encourage Tesla owners to explore more. It would compliment Tesla’s “I’m feeling hungry” and “I’m feeling lucky” features, which suggests some fun, interesting destinations to drivers. Tesla drivers could simply add a waypoint to suggested destinations along their path.

Elon Musk has long evaded adding waypoints to Tesla Navigation for rather unknown reasons. In 2019, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked Musk if Tesla owners could get waypoints with multiple destinations for one trip. The Tesla CEO denied the request with a single word, offering no explanation for his reply.

Nearly a year after, Elon Musk finally conceded to the request from the people of Tesla. “Fine, we’ll do it already,” Musk replied with a smiley face emoji, after tons of Tesla owners showed how much they wanted waypoints.

Tesla Navigation Waypoints are just around the corner after adamant requests to Elon Musk
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