Tesla with Off-Road Assist proves at home in Moab, and it’s not even the Cybertruck

Credit: @i1Tesla/Twitter

When the Tesla Model Y was released, some reviewers of the vehicle proved a bit surprised to find that the all-electric crossover had a dedicated Off-Road Assist feature. The Model Y, after all, is an EV that’s optimized for city roads, as strongly suggested by its low ground clearance. Initial tests of stock Model Ys showed that the vehicle could take on the occasional grassy path with Off-Road Assist, but very little else. 

As it turns out, the Model Y could actually be a pretty proficient off-roader. This was hinted at in a recent video from longtime Tesla owner and YouTube host Brian Jenkins of the i1Tesla channel. The video was brief, but it showed a Tesla Model Y taking on the rough and rocky paths of Moab, Utah, seemingly without breaking a sweat. This is quite impressive, considering that Moab is a place famed for its off-road trails. 

Of course, the Model Ys Off-Road Assist feature was engaged to help the all-electric crossover crawl through Moab’s terrain. It should also be noted that the Model Y in question had been lifted and equipped with off-road tires, providing it with more ride height and grip on unpaved surfaces. This adversely affects the vehicle’s range to some degree, but for the off-road capabilities that the Model Y gains, the range hit may very well be worth it. 

What is rather interesting is that the Model Y is, in no way, shape, or form, Tesla’s dedicated off-roader. It is simply a crossover that happened to have an off-road feature. Tesla’s resident rough and tough vehicle is the Cybertruck, which is really made to tackle and conquer the most challenging terrain around. It’s almost certain that the Cybertruck would feature a dedicated Off-Road Assist feature when it gets released, which should allow the all-electric steel pickup to overcome the most brutal of trails

Tesla’s Off-Road Assist feature would likely be a favorite among Cybertruck owners, particularly those who plan to take their all-electric pickup trucks on overlanding adventures. Coupled with features like a potential solar tonneau cover that provides a bit of range every day, the Cybertruck’s Off-Road Assist feature could ultimately encourage EV owners to explore more and be confident enough that their vehicle will be capable enough to bring them home. Needless to say, it would not be surprising if Teslas eventually become a common sight in camp grounds, or other fun places like Moab for that matter. 

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Tesla with Off-Road Assist proves at home in Moab, and it’s not even the Cybertruck
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