Tesla offers limited-time transfers on free unlimited Supercharging in China

Credit: Tesla China | Weibo

After Tesla launched the ability for customers to transfer its free unlimited Supercharging in North America last month, the automaker’s business in China has followed suit.

Tesla China is now offering transfers for customers with the free unlimited Supercharging benefit, so long as they take delivery by the end of the year, according to a post on the automaker’s Weibo page (via Sawyer Merritt). While Tesla’s North American version of the program excludes the Model 3, the program in China includes all four of the automaker’s models in the incentive program.

As translated from Chinese, Tesla writes the following about the incentive in the Weibo post:

“Winter benefits for old car owners are here, free Supercharger limited-time transfers warm online. Before the end of the year, if an old car owner orders any S3XY model and takes delivery on time, the free Supercharging benefit from the original car can be transferred to the new car. This winter, walk warmly with Tesla.”

The post also adds that the incentive will run from November 18 to December 31, and it includes the following image, with some more fine print at the bottom.

Credit: Tesla China | Weibo

You can also read an English translation of the fine print in the image below:

This ‘rights transfer program’ only allows free Supercharging perks to be transferred. The car owner needs to be a current ‘lifetime free Supercharging’ user and order a new car through the same Tesla account.

Ordered models that enjoy this program include official website customized cars of the Model S, 3, X or Y currently on sale, new viewing cars, non-new existing cars, show cars and test drives. The purpose of the current vehicle registration must and remains ‘non-operational.’ Certified second-hand cars and bulk purchase orders cannot participate in this program.”

Users need to place an order for a vehicle before December 31, 2023 and have it delivered between November 18, 2023 and December 31, 2023 before they can participate in this promotion.

The free Supercharging service rights under this policy are non-transferable and cannot be transferred to other vehicles. If the car owners resells the new car, the rights will be terminated immediately. This policy cannot be combined with other current sales policies (including incentive policies such as referrals, introductions, replacements, test drives of non-new vehicles, etc.)

The content of activities related to this policy shall be subject to the official website, and details provided in offline stores. Tesla reserves the right to interpret within the scope permitted by law.

Tesla regularly offers incentives and special perks to help boost sales nearing the end of quarters and years, with the company last offering discounted prices on some models in China for purchases made by the end of the year.

The program comes just after the automaker began delivering its updated Model 3 “Highland” in China and other countries last month. It also comes after Tesla has raised prices on the Model 3 and Model Y rear-wheel-drive variants in China.

At the time of writing, the refreshed Tesla Model 3 starts at a price of RMB 261,400 (~$36,251) in China, while the Model Y starting price is RMB 266,400 (~$36,945). The Model S sticker price begins at RMB 698,900 (~$96,925) in the country, while the Model X is priced starting at RMB 738,900 (~$102,472).

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Tesla offers limited-time transfers on free unlimited Supercharging in China
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