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Tesla owners say their VINs are disappearing as deliveries near, Q2 comes to a close

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Tesla owners are indicating that their VINs are disappearing from their accounts, and their delivery dates are also being pushed back several months as Q2 2021 comes to a close. Several owners who were scheduled to take delivery of a Model Y in the coming days are noticing that deliveries are being pushed back until dates as late as September, begging the question of what’s happening to the car that Tesla assigned for them originally.

Some owners indicate that their vehicles are actually being delivered to customers closer to the automaker’s production facility in Fremont, California. The move is possibly being used by Tesla to increase delivery figures before the end of the quarter, according to one Model Y owner who noticed the change in delivery timeframe earlier this week.

The reports were initially started by @Digitalboi on Twitter and the Tesla Motors Club forums. Waiting for a Model Y Long Range, Digitalboi was expecting delivery of the all-electric crossover on June 30th. However, he woke up, checked his Tesla account, and noticed that the VIN had been removed and given to another person who ordered the exact car. Digitalboi’s location is on the East Coast in Florida, meaning it would take Tesla a healthy amount of time to complete the delivery as the vehicle needed to be shipped across the country.

In an interview with Teslarati, DigitalBoi expressed his discontent for the issue, as the delay didn’t seem fair in the grand scheme of things. “They’re only doing this to a thousand people, maybe, but it’s still annoying,” he said. “They’re sacrificing customer happiness and satisfaction to pump delivery figures for Q2, and that’s disappointing.”

Other Tesla Motors Club members have indicated that the same event has happened to them. One user known as NetLoser voiced their frustration as their VIN disappeared and the delivery projection was slotted for September. It turns out their Model Y was damaged in transit to their local Service Center. “September is just a placeholder until another car is found/made,” they said.

Other owners in the past have also voiced this issue based on 2020 posts on the TMC Forum. Member “Whoisbill” said last year that “We had a VIN and delivery date for June 30th. Tesla was afraid the car wouldn’t arrive in time (we live in PA), so they assigned it to someone else closer to Fremont to make Q2 numbers. Now we have no VIN. Was told we should be at the front of the line starting July 1st. Let’s hope!”

Tesla has been known to operate with some increased levels of intensity toward the end of quarters, especially the closing days, as it looks to make a final push toward record deliveries. However, this usually occurs on the production lines and not in the delivery process. However, the company is continuously raising the bar for its delivery and production figures, as last quarter was its biggest yet with 180,338 production units and 184,800 vehicles delivered.

Tesla owners say their VINs are disappearing as deliveries near, Q2 comes to a close
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