Tesla assembly times expected to decrease by 25% in next model upgrades

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s assembly times are expected to decrease by 25% in its following model upgrades, predicts Caresoft Global Technologies, which focuses on digital and physical benchmarking and cost reductions. 

The Michigan-based engineering company believes Tesla will continue improving its manufacturing process over the years. In a recent forecast, Caresoft Global Technologies predicted Tesla would reduce its capital investments in plants by 30%. It also projected that Tesla would significantly decrease the floor space in its future factories by 30% while increasing the efficiency of its paint shops. 

“Tesla has a corporate culture of pursuing radical improvements from year to year, even in the same nameplate’s design,” Caresoft CEO Mathew Vachaparampil told Automotive News. 

Tesla, indeed, has a knack for continuously improving. For instance, Tesla has reduced the number of parts in Model 3 and Model Y production through its casting machines. 

Tesla’s next model upgrade is Project Highland, which focuses on a new iteration of the all-electric Model 3 sedan. Earlier this month, a Project Highland Model 3 was spotted in California, teasing some new features. The new Model 3 seems to feature new headlights and Hardware 4 cameras. 

Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to have a whole new production line for the $25,000 compact car, according to Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda. Tesla is likely working on a more efficient way to produce its next-gen vehicles to decrease costs while increasing production. 

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Tesla assembly times expected to decrease by 25% in next model upgrades
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