Top Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call questions from retail & institutional investors

Another quarter has come and gone for Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) this year. Now, Tesla is preparing for another earnings call. Below are some questions investors want answered at the Q3 2021 earnings call.

Top Retail Questions

  1. What is the Tesla’s goal for vehicle production capacity for the 4 current factories (Fremont, Shanghai, Austin, and Berlin) by 2024?
  2. Service remains an issue with appointments available weeks, or even months, out. Likewise, Supercharger wait times have become untenable at some locations. What concrete steps is Tesla taking to improve the customer experience in these two key areas? 
  3. Is Tesla considering any other ideas (other than FSD) with real world AI that can bring additional software revenue to Tesla? If not, can Tesla consider building interesting games around FSD data?
  4. How has FSD take rate changed since introduction of Monthly Subscription? Are there any plans to increase FSD pricing as wider release becomes imminent?
  5. Can Tesla allow for FSD to be transferred to another vehicle at a fee? (Something less than the 10k)? Early adopters are paying the price if they want to upgrade their vehicle. You lose the value on the trade in and now have to buy in at the now higher cost.

Top Institutional Investor Questions

  1. When should we expect the first vehicles to be delivered with 4680 cells?
  2. Do you still expect to start production of the $25,000 model in 2023? What are the biggest hurdles from now until then?
  3. With FSD Beta training data set to explode exponentially as the software is released to wider and wider audience, are there any early takeaways with regards to how quickly versions can iterate and be pushed out? From bi-weekly to weekly? or even daily?

Shortly after the third quarter wrapped up, Tesla reported stellar production and delivery numbers for Q3 2021, surpassing its 2020 results with one quarter left in the year. Last year, Tesla aimed to deliver 500,000 vehicles and missed its goal by a sliver. In 2021, the company aimed to beat its deliveries from last year. 

Tesla achieved its goal, delivering a total of 627,350 vehicles this year so far. With such an accomplishment, Tesla has increased the chances of a strong fourth quarter and outstanding end-of-year results.

Disclosure: I am long TSLA.

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Top Tesla Q3 2021 earnings call questions from retail & institutional investors
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