Tesla China posts astounding September numbers with 56k vehicle deliveries

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Recently, Tesla China posted stellar September delivery numbers, reporting it delivered around 56,000 units overall last month. With 56k deliveries in September, Tesla China’s Q3 deliveries reached a total of over 133,000 vehicles.

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla China reported a total of approximately 56,006 units, up 27% month-over-month. In China alone, Tesla sold a total of 52,153 vehicles and exported 3,853 units. The CPCA also reported that Tesla China sold 33,033 Model Y units and 19,120 Model 3 units.

For some perspective, the CPCA calculated that Tesla China sold 32,968 vehicles in July, 73% of which were sales in foreign territories. Meanwhile, in August, Tesla China sold approximately 44,264 vehicles, up 34% compared to the previous month.

Based on Tesla China’s Q3 delivery numbers, Giga Shanghai is steadily ramping production and deliveries each month, a good sign for Tesla’s primary export hub. The third quarter kicked off Model Y sales in Europe, and Giga Shanghai stepped in to help Tesla meet demand in the EU.

Eventually, Giga Berlin will produce Model Y vehicles for European preorder holders. Tesla is currently waiting for Giga Berlin’s application approval from the State Environment Office to start operations.

For the third quarter, Tesla produced 237,823 vehicles and delivered 241,300, a marked increase from the previous quarter. Thus far, in 2021, Tesla delivered a total of 627,350, beating its delivery numbers for all of 2020 already. Last year, Tesla delivered a total of 499,550, missing its set Guidance by a sliver.

Tesla did not set a Guidance this year but stated that it planned to beat 2020’s Guidance. Tesla did just that with still one entire quarter to go. Tesla’s achievement is quite remarkable, considering that the after-effects of COVID still reverberate through the global supply chain.

At this year’s Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk briefly mentioned the cost pressure Tesla continues to experience due to the pandemic. “We are seeing a significant cost pressure in our supply chain. So we’ve had to increase vehicle prices, at least temporarily. But we do hope to actually reduce the prices over time and make them more affordable,” Musk said.

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Tesla China posts astounding September numbers with 56k vehicle deliveries
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