Tesla brings back AM and FM radio with retrofit, but for a price

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Tesla is offering a new retrofit that will give owners of the Model S and Model X who upgraded from MCU 1 to MCU 2 the capability to have AM and FM radio and SiriusXM again. But it is going to cost $500.

The automaker allowed owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles to upgrade their Master Computer Unit (MCU) to a new model, which would give them access to the Tesla Theater, Tesla Arcade, and TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. However, the $2,500 installation of the MCU 2 took away the basic radio functionality, and the automaker is allowing owners to have it again with a “radio retrofit.”

Drive Tesla Canada caught the Infotainment Upgrade on Tesla’s FAQ portion of its website.

The installation of MCU 2 didn’t only come with just the aforementioned features that added additional entertainment options; it also gave the infotainment system a more responsive touchscreen, Enhanced Driving Visualization, which can be used with the Full Self-Driving suite, and an overall better performance. However, the basic radio functionality was taken away as most drivers opt for Bluetooth connectivity or music streaming services.

Tesla warned drivers that the upgrade would remove the radio and SiriusXM.

“Removes AM, FM, and Sirius XM radio. Your car will still have access to internet radio and music streaming.”

[Credit: Dream Giveaway]

According to Electrek, a Tesla owner inquired about having the radio put back into his vehicle. The automaker stated that it would start scheduling Radio Upgrades “later in Q4” and also detailed its price:

“The purchase and installation of the Radio Upgrade will be available for vehicles that have already undergone Infotainment Upgrade. For vehicles that have not yet undergone an Infotainment Upgrade, we recommend having both the Infotainment Upgrade and Radio Upgrade installation performed at the same time. The Radio Upgrade costs an additional $500 plus applicable tax, and there is no difference in price if you have the Radio Upgrade and Infotainment Upgrade installed separately or together.”

Having the up-to-date infotainment system with the radio capabilities will cost owners $3,000 in total: $2,500 for the MCU 2 upgrade and $500 for the radio retrofit.

An unfortunate expense for some owners, it is understandable why Tesla would remove the radio as streaming and internet music services are most popular in today’s world. However, there are drivers out there who still want to listen to the local AM or FM channels, and, unfortunately, an outdated piece of technology will cost $500.

Tesla brings back AM and FM radio with retrofit, but for a price
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