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Tesla ramps hiring for Cybertruck production

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Tesla skeptics typically have several talking points. These include the argument that vehicles like the next-generation Roadster, Tesla Semi, or Cybertruck would never enter production. These arguments, or at least those for the Cybertruck, would likely become completely null and void soon. 

Tesla’s third-quarter update letter indicated that the Cybertruck’s development had entered the tooling phase. During the Q3 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk noted that Giga Texas’ facilities are already being prepared for the Cybertruck. Drone flyovers of the Giga Texas complex and leaked images from within the facility later showed Cybertruck bodies being moved through the factory

“We’re in the final lap for Cybertruck,” Musk said. 

Job listings on Tesla’s Careers website suggest that Musk’s comments during the Q3 2022 earnings call were indeed accurate. As could be seen in Tesla’s job listings for Austin Texas, the company currently has several openings that are specifically listed for the Cybertruck. 

These include job openings for a Dimensional Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck; Manufacturing Operations Leader – Cybertruck; Senior Equipment Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck; Dimensional Engineering Manager – BIW, Cybertruck; Equipment Engineering Manager – BIW, Cybertruck; and Senior Equipment Engineer Robotics – BIW, Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck-related job listings, as of writing, can be viewed here

While Tesla has been pretty conservative about the Cybertruck’s production and the company’s target ramp for the all-electric pickup truck, previous reports have pointed to the vehicle entering its mass production stage at the end of 2023. Citing two people reportedly familiar with the matter, Reuters noted that Tesla is looking to start Cybertruck production in mid-2023. The electric vehicle maker is also reportedly aiming to progress from initial production to mass production of the Cybertruck within a few quarters. 

The Cybertruck is arguably Tesla’s most radical vehicle to date. Designed with an unashamedly futuristic appearance and loaded to the teeth with tech, the Cybertruck has been described by Elon Musk as one of Tesla’s greatest creations to date. The vehicle would have to be as impressive as possible, seeing as the all-electric pickup truck market is now being saturated by early movers such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T. 

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Tesla ramps hiring for Cybertruck production
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