Tesla Cybertruck prototype charge port features “Cyber-fied” lighted T logo

Credit: Ryan McCaffrey/Twitter

The original Tesla Cybertruck prototype unveiled back in late 2019 was so radical and filled to the brim with unique features that it was easy to miss some of the all-electric pickup truck’s more subtle components. These include the Cybertruck prototype charge port, which was showcased recently when the vehicle was featured at the Petersen Museum.

When the Cybertruck prototype was unveiled, Tesla enthusiasts promptly noticed that the all-electric pickup truck’s fairly large charge port was located beside one of the vehicle’s rear fenders. Since then, however, photos of the Cybertruck prototype’s open charge port have been extremely rare, and few images, if any, were shared online. 

Thankfully, that was not the case when the Cybertruck was showcased at the Petersen Museum. As could be seen from images shared of the Cybertruck prototype charge port, the component includes a pretty cool easter egg in the form of a lighted, “Cyber-fied” Tesla logo. Such a logo, which features a more angular “T” than the company’s trademark logo, does not seem to have been used by the EV maker in any of its other products. 

Tesla community members have also noted that the original Cybertruck prototype charge port seems large enough to be used with CCS plugs. This would make sense if Tesla wished to bring the Cybertruck to the international markets, as the company already equips its vehicles with different charge ports depending on the region where they are being sold. 

Interestingly enough, later iterations of the Cybertruck prototype have featured charge ports in different locations. The newer prototypes of the all-electric pickup truck that are fitted with side mirrors and windshield wipers, for example, feature a charge port placed directly into one of the vehicle’s fenders. The setup in the newer Cybertruck prototypes seems practical, but it’s difficult to argue against the elegance of the original prototype’s charge port with its lighted “Cyber-fied” T logo. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is nearing production at Gigafactory Texas. Images from IDRA show that the vehicle’s 9,000-ton Giga Press has been shipped to the United States. Apparent test bodies of the Cybertruck have been sighted in the facility as well. 

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Tesla Cybertruck prototype charge port features “Cyber-fied” lighted T logo
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