Tesla gears up for refresh Model 3 delivery ramp

(Credit: @klwtts)

Tesla seems to be gearing up to ramp refresh Model 3 deliveries. The Fremont Factory had batches of refreshed Model 3 vehicles ready for delivery. Some of the newly-minted cars were already in delivery truck carriers, with more parked nearby. 

“Save the single refreshed Model 3 we’ve seen delivered to @kawikados, we’ve yet to see a significant number of 2021 Model 3s built for the NA market… at least that was the case until NOW!!,” said @klwtts, who snapped a few pictures of the cars parked and ready to deliver at Tesla’s Fremont Factory. 

It seems that Tesla has started notifying Model 3 reservation holders about deliveries in the coming weeks. Majority of the vehicles spotted at Fremont seem to be the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with the new Aero wheel covers.

Tesla notified a few reservation holders of the refreshed Model 3 Performance variant and told them to expect deliveries in at least 5-7 weeks. Some reported getting earlier delivery dates for the Dual Motor Long Range non-performance variant.

So far, Teslarati has reported two refresh Model 3 deliveries in the North American region. David Narayan reported one of the first refresh Model 3 deliveries in the United States. Narayan received his new Tesla in Utah. At the time, Tesla employees told him that he might be the very first customer to get the refreshed Model 3 in the United States because they had never seen it before.

Another new Model 3 was delivered in British Columbia, Canada to Mahdi Askarzadeh. According to comments in Askarzadeh’s videos of his new car, some reservation holders located in Vancouver were notified to expect their Model 3 deliveries in two weeks.

 Both Narayan and Askarzadeh gave their first impressions of the updated Model 3 and both seemed favorable. The refreshed Model 3s feature a new center console with wireless charging pads, blacked out door handles and trim, along with the newly-designed Aero wheel covers. The Model Y’s heat pump also made it to the refresh Model 3, making it more energy efficient and ready to take on the winter. 

Tesla gears up for refresh Model 3 delivery ramp
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