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Tesla rolls out regenerative braking improvements for Autopilot with Software 2022.4

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has released a new software update, Version 2022.4, which includes regenerative braking improvements when Autopilot is activated.

“Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds for higher efficiency and an improved driving experience, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Increased use of regenerative braking results in less brake pedal noise and smoother stops,” Tesla wrote in the release notes, according to NotATeslaApp.

The update will essentially offer improvements for Autopilot driving when in traffic. Previous versions of the Autopilot regenerative braking were not as smooth as drivers expected, which prompted Tesla to roll out the software. Tesla makes routine adjustments and improvements to its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving suites with regularly-released software updates. The Over-the-Air updates are easily accessible to every vehicle that the update applies to and can be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

Regenerative braking is not a feature exclusive to Tesla vehicles. It essentially turns the vehicle into a generator, as energy produced when decelerating is recycled and put back into a large battery pack, usually located in the rear of the car. Many vehicles, including hybrid cars, utilize regenerative braking for several reasons, including recharging the hybrid battery if the vehicle is not a plug-in.

However, Tesla’s regenerative braking is slightly different. Tesla has introduced regenerative braking to drivers for several years, even including one-pedal driving with the feature. When combined with Autopilot, which includes Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, the vehicle is close to Level 3 autonomy, which is labeled as a “traffic jam chauffer” by the Society of Automotive Engineers. However, Level 3 driving does not require human interaction and can only be used at speeds of 37 MPH and slower. Tesla still maintains its Level 2 rating based on SAE standards due to its use of lane centering and adaptive cruise control at the same time.

The update is available on all four Tesla models and is available worldwide.

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Tesla rolls out regenerative braking improvements for Autopilot with Software 2022.4
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