Tesla FSD Beta 10.7 gets one-pedal driving, smoother slowdowns

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Tesla may be targeting the release of FSD Beta 10.8 on Tuesday together with the company’s fun Holiday Update, but this has not stopped the EV maker from releasing FSD Beta 10.7 this past weekend nonetheless. And despite its impending quick replacement with v10.8, v10.7 seems to include a number of key updates that make the advanced driver-assist system smoother to operate. 

Immediately recognizable from v10.7’s detailed Release Notes was that vehicles could now react to things quite a bit faster. With v10.7, FSD Beta would also be less likely to slow down due to bad readings from other cars and objects on the road. Also, the aggressiveness of FSD Beta seems to have been toned down to some degree, with the system now rolling and stopping smoothly for jaywalkers, instead of slamming on the brakes. 

Perhaps most interestingly, however, was that FSD Beta 10.7 also effectively enables one-pedal driving by expanding the use of vehicles’ regenerative braking systems. This should make stops smoother while keeping the physical brakes as infrequently used as possible. This update would likely be a welcome change, as conversations in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit among FSD Beta testers suggest that some users are annoyed by the system’s use of physical brakes in past iterations. 

The following are the specific Release Notes for Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.7. 

FSD Beta v10.7 Release Notes

– Improved object attributes network to reduce false cut-in slowdowns by 50% and lane assignment error by 19%.

– Improved photon-to-control vehicle response latency by 20% on average.

– Expanded use of regenerative braking in Autopilot down to 0 mph for smoother stops and improved energy efficiency.

– Improved VRU (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, animals) lateral velocity 1 error by 4.9% by adding more auto-labeled and simulated training examples to the dataset.

– Reduced false slowdowns for crossing objects by improved velocity estimates for objects at the end of visibility.

– Reduced false slowdowns by adding geometric checks to cross-validate lane assignment of objects.

– Improved speed profile for unprotected left turns when visibility is low.

– Added more natural behavior to bias over bike lanes during right turns.

– Improved comfort when yielding to jaywalkers by better modeling of stopping region with soft and hard deadlines.

– Improved smoothness for merge control with better modeling of merge point and ghost objects positioned at the edge of visibility.

– Improved overall comfort by enforcing stricter lateral jerk bounds in trajectory optimizer.

– Improved short deadline lane changes through richer trajectory modeling.

– Improved integration between lead vehicle overtake and lane change gap selection.

– Updated trajectory line visualization.

While FSD Beta 10.7 seems quite impressive, Elon Musk has noted that v10.8 would probably be released this coming Tuesday, together with the company’s Holiday Update. Tesla’s Holiday Updates are typically comprised of fun additions to vehicles’ features such as games and tricks like the external boombox.

This time around, however, it appears that the company is ensuring that its Holiday Update brings more functionality to its ever-expanding group of FSD Beta testers. These include the capability of FSD Beta to work with other features such as Waypoints, a function that was confirmed by Musk on Twitter. 

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.7 gets one-pedal driving, smoother slowdowns
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