Tesla removes Atari games, adds content filter for TIDAL in update

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Tesla has removed the Atari games that were featured in the Tesla arcade in a recent Software Update, striking a blow to the old-school gamers who probably loved them.

It also added an ‘Explicit Content Filter’ for TIDAL, one of its music streaming platforms, to make things more safe for kids and easier for parents.

The changes are part of Software Update 2024.20.3 and were first noticed by Not a Tesla App. The update, which was mostly related to bug fixes, also made these two changes, which were categorized as “Undocumented.”

Atari Games go Bye-Bye

Tesla featured several popular Atari titles in its Arcade, which were most commonly used to kill time during lengthy stops for anything from Supercharging to a break in driving. The Atari titles included in the Tesla Arcade included Gravitar, Tempest, Millipede, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Super Breakout, and Asteroids.

The Atari titles were the first games introduced with the Tesla Arcade several years back and gave early adopters the opportunity to do something other than twiddle their thumbs while waiting for a charge.

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However, Tesla has bolstered a more robust entertainment system in its vehicles that features newer, higher-quality titles with better graphics and a more refined gaming experience.

This change only impacts vehicles with the AMD Ryzen processor, so if your vehicle is without that, you’ll still be able to play the Atari titles.

Tesla scaled back its gaming efforts recently in other vehicles, as it warned customers that new cars would not have Steam Gaming support.

TIDAL Gets a Parental Control

There is a new “Explicit Content Filter” for TIDAL, the music streaming app. It is accessible through Audio Settings > Options, and will help get rid of things that some passengers do not need to hear.

Tesla has already implemented the same feature with Apple Music, and it was added earlier this year.

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Tesla removes Atari games, adds content filter for TIDAL in update
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