Xiaomi SU7 deliveries pass 10,000 in June 2024

Xiaomi SU7 deliveries have reportedly surpassed 10,000 units for June 2024, a jump from previous months. 

Xiaomi delivered 8,630 SU7 electric vehicles (EVs)  in May and 7,058 units in April. In addition to Xiaomi’s June 2024 estimates, the Chinese car maker has delivered a little over 25,000 SU7 EV units to customers.

Xiaomi officially launched the SU7 EV in March 2024, introducing three variants for the vehicle: Standard, Pro, and Max, with starting prices of $29,700, $33,832, and $41,261, respectively. The new Chinese automaker started deliveries with Standard and Max SU7 units in April, and Xiaomi SU7 Pro deliveries started in May, reported CNEVPost

Xiaomi doubled production in June by introducing another shift in the SU7 assembly line. The company aims to deliver 10,000 units every month until the end of the year. Xiaomi wants to deliver 100,000 SU7 EVs by the end of 2024 with a stretch goal of 120,000 units. 

Given the relatively short time since the SU7 release, Xiaomi has done an excellent job adjusting to the strong demand for the EV. The company had to adapt and pivot at the beginning of production to keep pace with demand.

The demand for the Xiaomi SU7 led to long delivery periods, which the company addressed by launching a “Lock Order and Wait for User Care” program on June 28. The program provides gifts to SU7 preorder holders whose delivery times are over three months.

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Xiaomi SU7 deliveries pass 10,000 in June 2024
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