Tesla Cybertruck spotted with calibration equipment in newest sighting

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A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted fitted with calibration equipment in its newest sighting.

Tesla Cybertruck sightings continue to be a daily occurrence, especially as the all-electric pickup nears production and first deliveries. As Tesla confirmed earlier this month during its Earnings Call that it still expects to deliver the first units by the end of the year, there is more evidence that the truck is moving toward those first steps with more routine sightings and other hints dropped by the automaker.

Today, the Cybertruck was spotted with calibration equipment on it, a necessary step in the testing and validation of the automobile as it heads to its first owners by year’s end.

Tesla has used similar calibration testing in past years to evaluate the performance of other vehicle builds. Prior to the Model Y being delivered in early 2020, units with calibration equipment were spotted on freeways in California, giving the automaker valuable data on everything from vehicle chassis performance to how wheels interact with the road.

The Cybertruck was spotted with wheel force transducers in April as development continued to move forward. This, however, is the most recent sighting of the all-electric pickup with data retrieval tools attached to it.

Tesla Cybertruck with apparent wheel precision measuring equipment sighted in Fremont

More details were shed on the Cybertruck during last week’s Earnings Call, and the vehicle is undergoing more validation and testing procedures across the United States and other regions to determine its performance before it makes its way to customers.

Tesla said in the Q2 Shareholder Deck:

“We are now testing Cybertruck vehicles around the world for final certification and validation. This might be the most unique vehicle product in decades; with that comes trialing and testing new technologies.”

We are evidently moving closer to production, but Tesla will have its work cut out for it. The company has 1.9 million pre-orders for the vehicle, according to a crowd-sourced tracker, with many of those cars not expected to make their way to customers until 2025 or later.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted with calibration equipment in newest sighting
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