Tesla pushes “Santa Mode” easter egg that’s voice-activated, “Ho Ho Ho”

Tesla is spreading holiday cheer this year through a Christmas-themed easter egg called “Santa Mode”. The feature is being pushed to Model S and Model X vehicles as part of version 2017.50.2’s over-the-air software update.

Santa Mode follows last year’s sensational “Holiday Show” easter egg that brings to life Tesla Model X’s Falcon Wing doors in an acrobatic performance to the tune of Wizards in Winter.

The latest easter egg appears as a reindeer icon within Tesla’s Easter Egg Menu. Pressing the reindeer icon will summon Jolly Old St. Nick to appear within the vehicle’s instrument cluster. However, this easter egg comes with an additional surprise – it’s also voice-activated.

To enable Tesla’s Santa Mode Easter Egg, press and hold the vehicle’s voice command button and say “Ho Ho Ho”.

“When you get the new Tesla software update, go Ho Ho Ho. There’s an Easter egg inside the Easter egg, but it’s not funny.” tweeted Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the day before Christmas Eve.

Once Santa Mode is activated, the vehicle’s icon that appears on the instrument cluster of a Model S and X appears as Santa’s gift-filled sleigh. Arguably, even more fun is the sight of prancing reindeers that mimic nearby vehicles, as detected by the vehicle’s Autopilot sensor suite. Enabling Autopilot will turn the digital lane indicators into an icy road, along with its very own snowflakes.

Lastly, spreading holiday cheer isn’t complete without the sounds of jingle bells. That’s in there too, and it can be activated by the vehicle’s turn signals.

Check out Tesla’s Santa Mode Easter Egg in action, courtesy of DragTimes.


Updated : Here’s the “Easter egg inside the Easter egg” that Musk was referring to: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Tesla pushes “Santa Mode” easter egg that’s voice-activated, “Ho Ho Ho”
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